Friday, December 22, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #420

"The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis."
-- Dante Alighieri, writer
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jim said...

Trial quotes ... too ... surreal!
Can't ... reload bong ... fast enough!

"Evidence Is Just Scary Shit That Makes Us Look Stupid: The Scott Pruitt Story" is a trope that hasn't exactly aged like fine wine since Watt & Teh Gipper pimped it circa 1981.

Zappa's drugs were his vitamins, to wit, the mysterious burning sticks & dark water that aided in the assiduous cultivation of his Studio Tan.

dinthebeast said...

The largest lead in the generic congressional poll last week was eighteen points. The five thirty eight aggregate is at twelve.
Given that we need to win by ten to break even, like we did in Virginia, we still enjoy a slight lead a year out from the elections.
The tax bill needs to be used the same way the Republicans used the ACA in 2010, except we don't have to lie about it the way they lied about the ACA.
One of their most effective lies in 2010 was that the ACA was stealing billions of dollars from Medicare to pay for itself. Of course it was a damn lie, and an evil lie in that it was meant to scare old people who they thought would just believe it and not investigate its veracity.
This bill cuts Medicare right from the gate.
Same effect, no lies required.
Thanks again for the podcast, and I hope your Zappadan was filled with the glorious goodness of Frank.
And don't forget Dweezil, who is still our there keeping Frank's music alive on the stage and who has become a monster guitar player in his own right.

-Doug in Oakland

Colleen mccoll said...

dg 'n' bluegal:

MC and HNY. Peace, grace and blessings be upon you and yours, me and mine and everyone in between!

Here's a big fat Christmas hug, from us crazy Canucks who fucking love you, America!

See ya for the mid-terms...I'll be at Blanding's Castle 'til the spring thaw!


alex harland said...

I think it is a mistake to say that Trump and the Republicans have passed the "easiest" thing. A tax bill this size is enormously complex and will take thousands of hours of computer code writing and testing by the IRS to get ready to be implemented. Every employer from the biggest corporation down to the smallest mom and pop operation will be faced with completely new rules for withholding taxes on federal and state income, new rules on social security and medicare. Withholding rules now are based on how may "exemptions" a tax payer claims during the year. And "exemptions" no longer exist. New withholding "tables" have to be generated. All employees will have to fill out new w-4 forms.

It will be a coding, bureaucratic, tax law nightmare to get this thing going by February. It will never happen. And who is going to get the blame? The Deep State IRS Obama holdovers secretly led by Lois Lerner who are holding onto YOUR Trump tax cut.

Liberals should be getting ready for the biggest screw up in the history of tax writing.

Robt said...

The American overlord in the White House has recently declare victory on the war on Christmas.

Despite the sprouting of Jim Crow style laws over the legal right to speak the hollowed words, "Merry Christmas". Decreed from the the Dear Leader (and some of those good NAZIs).

Now that he has blessed me and granted me the basic human right to now say Merry Christmas.

I want to take this moment to exercise that new granted human right by saying,

Happy Holidays to all. Because I was never granted anything I did not originally possess. I reserve my right to the 1st Amendment I was born with to use my greatest words how I choose to use or not to use.

To Kneel or not to kneel during the Anthem at a sporting event, that is still the question to some . Who will deny their own mind to admit why they kneel.

To all my fellow resistance brethren serving diligently in the resistance.

Viva Le Christo. Thanks for you service. We are going to need another Memorial day paid off over this one.

steeve said...

"Your five minutes are up."

That's okay - "ganglia tingle" got in under the wire.