Friday, December 15, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #419

"I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone's imagination."
-- Hunter S. Thompson, writer
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jim said...

What is needed at least as much as "more purity" in mainstream liberal/moderate Establishment culture is an ability to make a practical commitment to lucidity. Radical innovations & reforms terrify that culture because of how quickly they can prove their value - & even threaten to raise the ethical bar to the dizzying altitude of, say, the forgotten channel where that same mainstream merrily flowed in 1975. Certain leaders are visibly & audibly either panicking or in total denial regarding their staunch neutrality (if not hostility) toward said innovations & reforms.

The historical brute fulcrum of the Internet has made more historical data more easy to copy than ever & at astronomical speed. America has now kneecapped itself in terms of any future benefits that fulcrum can provide ... also you're going to need a bigger SERIES OF TUBES if people keep being casual bandwidth hogs (SPOILER: they will).

jim said...

Also too, stay tuned for ENGLISHGATEGHAZI™!!!

dinthebeast said...

Bright, succinct, simple language, communicating basic, obviously true things that relate directly to our lives. That's what I feel we need to have more of in order to emerge from the dungheap of quasi-toxic misinformation that is the platform for communicating political information in the waning days of the second decade of this here twenty first century...

Thank you for using Kitters as the IKOTW. I sent you some other kitties who live in Alabama with my friend Sara, also.

I do get crabby about political infighting in the face of such effective cheating by the Republicans that we are now winning things by ten points and breaking even, like in Virginia, but you are right that real political discourse just looks like that.
I guess I just get so fatigued by the constant threat to the very most basic things I and everyone I care about need to live that I sometimes just lash out at people I feel are hurting our chances at getting rid of these fucks...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

In regards to the Sam Seder Death Penalty and the MNSBC Governor's Stay, reprieve and pardon (possibly conditional pardon.

Resuscitating him back to life after the execution is a very pro life thing.
An act of Christian kindness from us NAZIS. See, we are not all bad even though we had everything to do with the execution, nothing to do with the resuscitation, But we do take credit for the final outcome because it was the Lord's will.

Now in the presence of the evil sinning enemies here. I want to tell y'all, I have a Jew in my podcast list for listening. Yes Sam is one of my Jew podcast show hosts.

We all knew it would get bad and employing all that resistance survival training from Dirty F___ing long haired hippie service (as a veteran) has proven to be a valued existence. "you going to make me count to ten, Neegan? Ok,1-2-3-4-5-6-7- bammmm. What happened to 7-8-9 and 10?

Do unto others as they would do unto you.

For what it is worth.
My congress critters say they are planning to write some legislation on some of the internet neutrality overturn decision.
They let it happen and now want to chase the decision with governing law. When and if they get to it. keeping in mind the same folks that knew it's overturn was coming (Senate confirmed) are the same folks saying they want to write some laws to regulate it. Again, the same folks that claim deregulate the world (except what special interest and big donors want.
so there is a update.

I have a sense that the internet future for these masters of the universe is going to be that of AM radio.

But hey, they haven't gone after CB radio yet.