Friday, December 08, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #418

"Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
And here comes a chopper to chop off your head!"
-- Traditional English nursery rhyme
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jim said...

Misogyny Safari is teh best Cable TeeVee reality series of all time.

Modern Presidential = flopping dentures & a big red tie held down with a paper-clip.

Also lacking style?
Yeah, visibly jonesing in public for a pipelined corporate Stasi is not a good look.
So 1984!

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Does it seem like this alleged Amazon purge is something worthy of writing a post about at C&L? No reason to be quiet about it if it's something nefarious.

Be seeing you.

K.L. Onassis said...

I have to disagree a little bit regarding Al Franken... I think he is a two-faced opportunist who built a public platform by advocating for women, while being the same old tired creep who forced himself on them behind closed doors. Or out in the open, as it were. I'm glad he's gone, and blaming Roger Stone is such a cop out.

In 99% of cases, both sider-whataboutism is wrong, but it is demonstrably true that misogyny and creepy entitlement to women's bodies is 100% nonpartisan, and it is truly a both-sides problem. You and Blue Gal are correct when you said that the Democratic party needs to be the party of women, (especially black women who are the true base of the party), people of colour, immigrants, lgbtqia+ etc. And the best way to make sure that we represent these voices in our party is by making sure that we put our money where our mouth is and have zero tolerance for shenanigans.

I am feeling profoundly disappointed by the nationwide response from liberals and Democrats about Al Franken. As a survivor myself, and as a repeated victim of such "mundane" sexual harassment that Franken has allegedly committed, I'm so disappointed that so many people want to give him a pass, or to somehow downplay his behaviour, just because they like him.

If I ever needed a confirmation that I matter so much less than the well-liked and well-designed men who have assaulted me and have gotten away with it, I have gotten it in spades. My right to work to support myself, my right to occupy space in public, my right to live life how I choose, my right to safety and bodily autonomy will seemingly always come second to some man and his unalienable right to kiss me or grab my ass or put his body parts in me or on me or do whatever he wants to me whenever he wants to. I desperately want a political party that is actually on my side, and doesn't just talk the talk in public while enabling abusers behind closed doors.

Sorry for the novel. Just wanted to put my perspective here. I still plan on supporting your podcast as soon as I am employed again and have a steady stream of income... I'm so sorry by the way that Amazon is such an asshole.

dinthebeast said...

Black women are the most reliable constituency in the Democratic party, so it would only be fair if they were better represented in the leadership of the party when the tsunami of new, female candidates inundates the next two election cycles and hopefully elevates more than a few of them to the federal and state governments.
That said, the decentralization of the power in Democratic politics is probably a very good thing right now.
And I agree with you that we should move away from the geriatric whiteness of the current leadership, but I think it would be smart to avoid abandoning the skills those older members have amassed over all of that time.
Basically, I would like our next speaker to be younger than Nancy Pelosi, but just as effective at her job.
I guess I want a lot of things, huh?
Thank you again for the podcast, I played the Handmaid's section of it to some folks who were visiting, and their jaws all dropped...

-Doug in Oakland

Fritz Strand said...

Hate to say this, but I wondered how long Amazon would continue showing some sign of altruism in a time when truth and profit are like oil and water.

If we are paying members,how do we up our monthly contribution?

The Kraken said...

Do you guys plan to pull a Cesca and just create a new amazon associates account? Seems to be working for him.

VonWenk said...

Is there a reason Blue Gal pronounces "Patreon" with a short "a"? I always thought it was pronounced like its root was patron.

I thought your response to the Al Franken was a lot better than Bob Cesca's little rant cursing him for inconveniencing the Democratic Party, which didn't even consider that Franken denied some of the allegations. I'm not in favor of White Supremacists taking over this country, but my dream isn't for this country to become a failed '70s Roddenberry pilot either. It's a foolish consistency that some liberals are perpetuating when they insist "If we believe the women accusing people we don't like, we have to believe any woman who brings an accusation." Some of these people sound as arrogant as the student in Mamet's Oleanna.

Robt said...

My Citizens United dark 2 cents

Al has (had) an opportunity.

Call for Congress to contract out an unbiased firm to address any and all ethics claims as Sexual harassment, making offers for sex and motherhood on condition of handing over your new born for a price. Insisting the child's conception is done the (man feels good) old fashioned way instead of the less male gratification implantation method.

Al could wait for the pedophile arrival and raise Cain as his Biblical defense.

There is a value on hearing an ethics investigation over Al's case.
How predatorial can it be to put your arm around the wait of a female at a public function when she asks Al to take a photo with her?
*When did she say "No, Al!".
They ask rape victims when the said no? otherwise the rapist has the green light. Or some BS like that.
But there are levels of this.
All unwanted?

moving on a underage girl with no right to consent? But the parents can?

A kiss in a skit rehearsal is life long harmful? For a girl that had no problemm going live on stage and kissing a total stranger because he is in military uniform and you are there to entertain? No long term injury there?

Some of this gets reduced to "asking a lady out on a date" she says no and the request is now so filthy and unwanted because Sean hannity and I concluded it to be. Being in playboy and having all those men masturbating at my photo is so self esteeming.

But the opportunity to have his accusers brought forth. Allowing us to see the process and decide if it is adequate.

To pressure say, Roy Boy being put up to scrutiny?

To see if his accusations are treated equally or given the political bias of having an :R; in front of your name by a "R" party majority.

You see where I am going with this.