Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Mitch McConnell Explains To Susan Collins How Things Work In The GOP

(Caution: trigger warning)

She'll be a good earner now.
A real good earner.

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Robt said...

Ya know,
McConnell said, When susan Collins comes to him to make a deal. She will do anything he wants. Anything.

What is worse for Collins, she made a statement that her constituents that accused her of buckling to the GOP.

She ran right there and stood on the senatorial soap box and said,
it was female bias for her constituents to think she couldn't make decisions of her own and vote for tax cuts..

Back to the problem, she voted under the female guise of believing a man as McConnell.
Doesn't Collins owe her constituents an apology now that she indeed was lied to and she is a female?

Robt said...

One more thing; on Collins.

There is an aura of manipulation.
Collins constituents urge her to vote a certain way. The elected a republican.
Collins decided her political party and donors (as other republicans) come first.
They wanted Collins to vote as a Dem?
When she doesn't and votes party they are all surprised and disillusioned?

It might be fair to say that Collins used the "deal" with MCConnell as the concocted messaging to give Collins that shade out of the hot sun from the liberal shade tree.

All McConnell had to do is renege the deal.
Collins is a victim and McConnell takes the heat. Even though, McConnell doesn't live in Collins's state.
It is an odor seeping off of bullshit mountain. And the EPA is fine with that air pollution.