Saturday, December 09, 2017

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

"We"? Who the fuck is "we"?

Seriously, what is it about these network news muppets that, at every critical juncture, they are incapable of forming their mouths to say the word "Republican".

Exhibit B:
A "Republican" congressman you pisher.


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Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

"Diversity is not our strength."

So incest, then?

Be seeing you.

esky said...

Pusher is exactly on point. Perfect. Can we stop following dowd now? He continues to be him. Nothing left to say in response.

esky said...

I pisher is exactly on point. Perfect. Can we stop following dowd now? He continues to be him. Nothing left to say in response.

Lit3Bolt said...

So if Trump fires Mueller and declares himself God-King of Fox-America, here's my bold and daring prediction: Matthew Dowd, Chuck Todd, David Brooks, Rick Wilson, David Frum, Bill Kristol, Glenn Greenwald and far too many others to say will be briefly outraged on Twitter, then slither into their new positions to suck up to the regime. Because protesting Trump too much would be like (gasp!)...TAKING A SIDE. Possibly even the Democrats' side! And we can't have that.

These people will never be out in the street protesting. Instead, they'll be busy displaying their obsequiousness on TV, because they'll realize there is an endless line of crazy behind them willing to say and do anything for that sweet media sinecure. And because the Democrats think we should eat healthy and save the environment and have healthcare and not hate each other, that is EXACTLY like declaring yourself above the law and instituting a fascist ethno-state for the Herrenvolk. Both sides!!

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Chuck... there's nothing for it but that you're a craven whore. Clearly, you're interested in the insane equivocation of spotted apples and road apples, two-ply tires needing tire dressing and something bald jerked from a Simpson's tire fire, or droopy-finned Orcas and man-eating great whites (pun intended)! Equality determined between these examples is as ill-advised as it is impossible and keeping it all a horse race so you can reap the proceeds from the sale of blue boner pills and reverse mortgages is just not justification enough! Moreover, we can enjoin discussion on your douche's beard!

Channeling Driftglass! [g].

Tanbark said...

I think the reluctance of republicans to use the word "republican"…and that reluctance is growing by the day…is that the bill for their lunacy is coming due in about 11 months. The people whom would stand up at a political rally and say:

I'm proud to be a republican!"

Are, increasingly, the same ones who think that a zillion years of fossil record is a communist plot, or, who keep a 10 year old frozen zucchini in their refrigerator because it looks like the head of Jesus Christ.

How are they going to appear "normal" in the upcoming mid-terms?

They're not going to have poor old Hillary to kick around; they'll try, but the democratic party is moving ahead, and the GOP has ridden that horse nigh unto death.

They are going to have to stand on what they've done and what they've not done, and that iceberg of malice is melting away as we speak. The old "moderate" republicans know this. What can they do? I think they'll come up with a contemporary version of the Goldwater Posse to try to get Trump to bail, but the longer they wait, the harder it will be. On the face of it,

Gonna be an interesting year, politically.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Oh, and Chuck... that pouty little church-lady smirk your face twitches into when you ask a guest a "tough" question... stop it. Just... stop it.

dinthebeast said...

Maybe there's something else in their mouths?

-Doug in Oakland