Thursday, December 07, 2017

Lop-Headed Man-Baby Doesn't Wanna Be Javert No More*

You might remember a couple of centuries ago there was this lop-headed Republican goober* (h/t Brother Charles Pierce) named Trey Gowdy straight out of a Hee Haw road show jug band who developed for himself quite the outsized reputation among the the plain-talkin' folk of Real Murrica places like Yoknapatawpha County and Sisterfuck, Arkansas for heroically investigating a long-settled tragedy called BenghaaaziBenghaaaziBenghaaazi over and over again until, by God and all His Merry Angels, ol' Trey's gonna find some god damn way to toss Hillary Clinton under the god damn Hoosegow.  Yee Fucking Haw!

And if you remember that, you might also remember it did not go well for Mr. Gowdy, as I extensively noted at the time ("At The Pillory Clinton Hearing"):

In point of fact, Hillary Clinton whipped the living daylights out of the entire GOP team so comprehensively, live, on national teevee, that the Republican Party had no choice but to go on "investigating" her for several more months, because, y'know, Freedumb isn't Free, people!

And if you've made it this far, you also might vaguely remember that when Mr. Gowdy was finally forced by that grim bitch Reality to deliver a big bag of farts and IOUs to the Pig People, after promising them the moon and the sun and Killary Clinton behind bars, the Pig People were not amused.

From the WaPo:
Benghazi conspiracy theorists turn on Trey Gowdy
A day after the House Benghazi committee released a final report that left Hillary Clinton relatively unscathed, conservative activists — the conspiracy-minded ones who pressured House leaders to appoint the committee in the first place — rounded on Chairman Trey Gowdy for failing to deliver the goods.

“To say I was disappointed would be an understatement,” retired Adm. James “Ace” Lyons complained at a meeting Wednesday afternoon of the Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi, a coalition of far-right ­foreign- policy types. “Chairman Gowdy is not a stenographer. . . . He was there to make findings and conclusions. He had the information. He copped out, which is consistent that we’ve seen with all our congressional leadership.”

Retired Gen. Thomas McInerney agreed that “the American people want to know from a group that spent almost two years on it what the conclusions are. That’s what we pay you for, Mr. Gowdy.”...
And now, just a year later, when Mr. Wildly Overzealous Oversight is faced with actual high crimes being perpetrated right in front of him but an unhinged madman with an (R) after his name?

Because Freedumb still isn't Free, people!
But is it priced to move

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Loony Liberal said...

I'll bet the farm that Gowdy's last words will be, "But her emails...."

jim said...

"While Democrats may want every Committee of Congress to investigate the same fact patterns, it isn’t a prudent use of resources – something they used to be mindful of."

Tweeted like someone who's straining to avoid joining the impending traffic jam on Indictment Highway 101?