Monday, December 04, 2017

I Am. In A World. Of Tweets.

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tony in san diego said...

I assume you have seen How the Republicans Broke Congress in the New York Times? YOU WIN!!!!!!

Chan Kobun said...

If only.

Lawrence said...

A maze of twisty passages? All alike or all different? It matters.

Robt said...

Remember way back when republicans were screeming about then Pres. Obama's presidential over reaches? DACA,Screening adjudicated mentally ill people when buying weapons, Health care, Government enabling of alternative energies for the nation.

The long list GOPERs mumbled and grumbled over impeachment while telling their base they were looking at Lynching because the black thing.

How dare this president nominate a Judge to the SCOTUS! He is only 2 thirds of a president.

There seems to be way too many Mr Smiths with too much power. Either take me to the Oracle or give me the other colored pill.

tony in san diego said...

He is, piece by piece, dismantling everything that Obama did. And because Obama had to use his presidential powers to do stuff, because the Mitch would not let him legislate, he can get away with it.