Thursday, December 21, 2017

Half-Fox and Half-Free, Ctd.

This is what the interior monologue of the Fox half of America looks like.

This is what kind of simpering, brain-dead automatons humans can be reduced to when they let Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity take a shit in their skulls for 20 years.

These are the Republicans we Libtards here in the middle of Middle America have known and been warning about for decades.

These are the Republicans who paid professional Republican Brain Wizards like Bloody Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes and David Brooks swear they had no idea existed until they marched to the polls in their millions and elected President Stupid.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Robt said...

So it was Trump that reminded them to stand for the national Anthem?
-They are that lame and forgetful or busy counting their money?
You know, getting that beer in the short line around the Anthem playing is pretty nice too.

Thank you for taking money away from those people Sen Grassley spoke of that,
only spend their money on Booze, women and movies".
Because buying a beer at that game with the national anthem playing is for those losers. Buying your fiancee a engagement ring is money flushed down the toilets (ask Newt Ginrich). Taking your kids to see a nice Disney movie or going to see the Passion of the Christ is such a foolish investment.

And thank you for taking that Medicaid from those lazy flat ass 95 tear olds in the care homes. They should pull themselves up by their dementia and get one of those great paying Wall Mart greater jobs. You don't see Trump retiring from playing golf all day do you?

But thanks for passing a first Amendment to allow us to say Merry Christmas again. Santa and Jesus thanks you.

But most of all, thank you for using Big government to redistribute wealth up. It must be so hard to use big government like this when we know how you hate it. Starting to like big government now GOP in charge.

And think of all the jobs Paris Hilton and her inheritance ilk will create. Because we know business mergers are going to slash jobs.

Most of all,
All that socialism for Wall Street in the big recession was sort of henkey. Giving outright socialism to wealth and corporate and adorning those others with individualism and on your own ruggedness.
It is a wounderland of the Furer. Hail Trump.!

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

"Everyday Americans are standing up to thank President Trump for making America great again."

Well, it's a good thing you did this video now, because after the Republican Recession Bill is done with us, there won't be as many of those "everyday Americans" left to do a future video.

"As veterans, thank you for reminding us to stand for our national anthem."

What does it say that Mr. Trump thought you'd forget to do that without his reminder?

Finally, about the title of this post of yours, you might want to add another slogan onto your merch...something along the lines of, "This cup can be both half-full and half-empty, but this country can't be half-Fox and half-free." Got to be a shorter way of saying that, though.

Be seeing you.

trgahan said...

This was made specifically FOR TRUMP to see by a gaggle of Trump's flying monkeys who now have their own Wingnut Welfare organization to kill time until leadership positions at Brietbart, FoxNews, or the SS come open.

Clearly President Kim Jun Stupid needs a holiday propaganda pick me up as he waddles his 33% approval ass into the oval office to sign the least popular piece of legislation in American history.

Not to say these Z-List actors barely reading their lines with sincerely aren't a reflection of the Orange Shitgibbon's fellow FoxNews viewer, but having a little girl say "thank you for letting us.." to an admitted sexual predator?!? Who vetted this scrip?

ervin williams said...

Not to go off subject,but would it not be funny if there was legislation in place to deal with the proceeds of crime,say law's where the authorities could seize you're property,bank accounts etc? Sorry,just reaming.

ervin williams said...

Would it not be funny if there were some sort of legislation that allowed for confiscation of property and monies,say through proceeds of crime laws I would laugh at that.Thank's Driftglass you and Bluegal always bring a smile to an old man.

Robt said...

My beloved thanks for the tax law of Karl Rove GPS/ USSR to benefits from a pass through to their 50`(c) 4 LLC..

Because Banon's Breitbat bemon soul collector the Mercer Family should actually be able to write down and off all expenditures involved in this venture. To the point they pay nothing and we send them a return anyways.

You know, Government funded. We may see the KKK and NAZIs have "K" street offices like the Chamber of Commerce.. Very inclusive beginning to the end of exclusion.

* I too have began seeing the Billionaire campaign money released to republicans. They are running ads to explain specific items (only) of this enlarged prostate problem dribbling down on so many.

After all the secrecy, Lobbyist and big donor class demands. After putting in the Corker Kickback. No town halls like they demanded and recieved during the ACA legislating. No CBO analysis. simply party ideological obiedience. passing it. No they didn't read it and reall do not know all that much about it. I have called and questioned my US reps. and can prove it.
McConnell has made a bold statement,
After the secret elite behind closed doors everything. Without no public anything. It is going to be an Advertisement blitz.
"if we cannot sell this to the people, we don't belong here"

From what I learned and learning in absence of the the used car sales person. It is not the car for me.

Not sure how they run ads to convince anyone that is not in the lemur class of FOX programmed drones.

Remember, the big donors told them, "do not call us unless you pass what we told you".
They passed it and rushed straight to their phones and called for campaign money. As we see, they took the Borer-Weevil calls.
And for the Corn field resistance, you should beware the Borer-Weevil.

Jason said...

The only thing more surreal than the kind of year this country has had under this flabby retardo con man is to see a multi ethnic, multi cultural all American psa slobber fest tribute to the man. I'm kind of amazed they found black and Asian people willing to embarrass themselves for this. I sure hope they're playing dress up for the role and are really just trust funders that live in one of those high walled, gated communities for the wealthy because I'd hate to see the reception they get from friends and co-workers on Monday morning.

Robt said...

Update on Ads selling their debt and theft of America.

More Ads, Local ones. Are arriving in time for Christmas.

If the "don't be ashamed of E.D., Dick pills will have you dry humping your congressional staffer's legs in no time. Does not mesmerize you into buying the product. You may have trouble buying the Enlarged prostate pills that promise to tickle down on you Ads.

"Call your Senator or House member. Tell them "Thank You"."

This has the makings for the greatest Ad sales blitz in history, ever. Believe me!