Friday, December 15, 2017

As a Liberal, Just About the Most Transgressive Thing You Can Do... remember the past accurately.

Remember the long, bloody road down which the Republican party and their media enablers have dragged this nation year after year, decade after decade.

Remember it all and, to whatever extent you are able, using whatever megaphone you may have, obdurately and relentlessly refuse to let the Right and the Media wish it all away.


Robt said...

Remembering all this is going to take more memory bank brain food to produce more storage capacity.


* the family values party Glorious God faithful (continually telling us). Sitting silently by as their number one spits out that a female Senator would come to him for campaign donations and "would do anything, believe me for the money.

*The below the economic mason/ Dixon line. Tax cuts are worthless because they (those people) will just spend their money on Booze, women and movies.
Where those above the economic line will spend some of that money on donations to me.

"For 8 years we can shout pout and scream over the evils of the liberal debt the _n____r in the whie House is presiding over. That we obstructed everything, blocked it all, and shut down government to get our way. Our way to blame him for the debt he inherited. To convince enough Americans we are the fiscally responsible party. I mean we shut government down over the debt ceiling that was scheduled to surpass from the last president.

And now we have control of it all. We are going to take out a second morgage on the home you owe money on. Give it to these wealthy people to take over to the casino. Put that money to work on bets. And if we win big. Some specific day when the stars are aligned, and I get around to it if I feel like it. We will make sure your grandma has a can of cat food and a can opener to live a life in the America that is great again.. But she will have to earn it.

In the mean time, Treasury Secretary manuchen provided an Assumption analysis that says during this time of putting your 2nd mortgage money to good use. You too can become a $ millionaire. Unless your lazy.
Because you cannot win the Lotto if you do not play it.

Just look with the Net Neutrality No more ruling. Think of all those folks who just were given your money and this net prime business opportunity to regulate for dollars and content control of speech.

So wonderful with so little memory space left to store it all at this fast pace of traveling to an oblivious waste land.

Al in PDX said...

“Yes, the long memory is the most radical idea in this country. It is the loss of that long memory which deprives our people of that connective flow of thoughts and events that clarifies our vision, not of where we're going, but where we want to go.” -- Utah Phillips

Tanbark said...

We need a clip of Bush telling us how to unshit the Operation-Enduring-Clusterfuck bed…But now that, relative to Trump,
he's looking about as savvy and principled as Lincoln, I don't think we're gonna get one.

ziply said...


Jimbo said...

I come from PA (Pittsburgh). There was a brief moment in the 1960s when Republican governors in my state actually did progressive things like the Midwest Progressives of the nineteen teens (Robert Lafollette and similar). But the Nixon and Reagan eras killed that off and, as we all know, it has been a GOP disaster ever since as the country has burrowed ever deeper into a partisan divide.

The GOP deliberately decided on a largely no compromise/total corruption of the state ideology during Reagan's administration and has never looked back. We're now in the shit that we're in because a lot of Americans bought into a no responsibility/ ultra nationalist message that has done nothing good for us. Plus, globalization without any controls has been a disaster. Neoliberalism = bad economics and politics.