Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Welcome Back to Pariah Island

So this morning word came down from Liberal Central Command via the Stephanie Miller Show and friend of this blog, Bob Cesca, that Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough is no longer on the Official Libtard Shit List.

So there you go.

Sure Mr. Scarborough has built his entire career slandering Liberals like us and profiting hugely thereby.

And, sure, Mr. Scarborough eagerly did his part to create the wingnut Petri dish out of which Donald Trump climbed, and paved the wingnut royal road down which Trump romped into the White House.

And, sure, Mr. Scarborough gave Trump's campaign a rocket boost when it needed it most by handing Trump a year of free media handjobs.  Which would have been two years of free media handjobs if Trump hadn't broken with Beltway media protocol and publicly gone after Mr. Scarborough's Secret Girlfriend.

And, sure, at no point has Mr. Scarborough ever come within a parsec of uttering the simple truth that the Left has been right about the Right all along.

Because then his head would 'splode.

And, sure, the backbone of Mr. Scarborough's show is still a menagerie of Both Siderist hacks and stooges.

And, sure, Mr. Scarborough has not so much joined the opposition as he has done what every other Republican apologist has done who does not draw financial sustenance directly from the Kochs or the Mercers or Fox News or Hate Radio has done:  declared himself to be an "Independent" (25 years after that horse left the barn...and the barn burned down...and the horse fell down a ravine and died...and was eaten by vultures...who also died so long ago that no one remembers) and declarced that real problem with Murrica is not Trump...

...but the K'rupt Duopoly!
Even if Tuesday’s election begins the long process of removing the president from office, Americans will be left with the same corrosive system that led voters to take a chance on Trump. The only way to escape that cycle is to break apart the hyperpartisan two-party duopoly that has kept Washington too divided, too dysfunctional and too directionless for too long.
Which just goes to show you how out of the inner Liberal circles I really am.

Because at the end of the day, all I really do is run a little blog and a little podcast out in the cornfield.

And over the years I have used that little blog and a little podcast out in the middle of nowhere to warn over and over and over again that what Conservatives like Joe Scarborough (and David Brooks and Rick Wilson and Matthew Dowd and Ron Fournier and Bill Kristol and Andrew Sullivan and Michael Gerson and Kathleen Parker and David Frum and... and... and...) are doing is nothing more than building yet another Both Siderist lifeboat --
-- to escape yet another catastrophe they helped to create.

And that while this "Beast Rabban" strategy will probably work yet again --
-- because it always fucking works, that maybe -- just maybe -- this time these fuckers have their backs so hard against a pitiless ocean of their own words and their own actions that this time this -- just maybe -- we can stand together and insist that this time, before anybody starts passing around the big 'ol jug of absolution and Kumbaya, these assholes must actually confess, apologize and atone for a lifetime of enabling and profiting from Republican depravity with trying the skeeze their way out of it with any Both Siderist bullshit.  

This was my hope.

It still is.

In fact, up until about five minutes ago, both Ms. Miller and Mr. Cesca were pretty unequivocal in their criticism of the "Both Sides Do It" lie as a toxic and transparently dishonest scam.

But Liberal Central Command is its own sort of club, almost exclusively bi-coastal, with its own interests and priorities and arrangements and which has never been particularly interested in the view from the cornfield.  Ans so we get this -- 
-- which is disappointing, but not devastating.  Because one of the distinct advantages of being a little blogger/podcaster out in the middle of nowhere is that Liberal Central Command is not my supervisor.


dinthebeast said...

And meanwhile back in the U S of A, Democrats won elections in Oklahoma and New Mexico.
I'm gonna grit what's left of my teeth and stay focused on the only way out of this bullshit that actually exists: winning back the government from the fascist pricks who "control" it now.
Squabbles? Fuck that. Mistakes? Sure. Elections? Win those motherfuckers. Then we can argue about what to do, you know, when we have real policy decisions to make.
I wonder what Mika's opinion is on the subject of dead interns?
But that's just me.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

Scarborough would still be a jolly Trump cock holster if Trump had not gone after Joe's girlfriend.

and Joe's anti-Trumpism reeks of something more personal like a "Yeah, well Mika blew me backstage at the fundraiser a few years ago." off-the-record comment.

Robt said...

Only the Gods can take a old blanket. Cut one foot off the top. Sew it to the bottom.
Sell it for much more than it;s value. Marketing it as NEW & IMPROVED.

But who are the consumers? And why?

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

Scarborough doesn't influence Democratic voters, or even Republicans for that matter. Beware the both-siderists wearing Democratic cloth coats lined with big donor cash. BEWARE THE DAOUPOLY!

"Bernie diehard tactics:

Malign Democrats.
Impugn their integrity.
Claim they are corrupt.
Condescend to their supporters.
Call them "shills" and "neolibs"
When Dems defend themselves...
Accuse them of being 'divisive.'
Peter Daou

Chan Kobun said...

Do you have anything to add, or are you just going to keep dragging your irrelevant rosebro garbage in here?

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

Who or what is rosebro?
If your comment is addressed to me, I'm just trying to get Driftglass turned around. He's got his Springfield rifle trained on Horace Greeley while Pickett is charging up the hill for my healthcare and social security check.

jim said...

Unsupervised activity may lead to clarity, dedication & chronic activism.
Handle with care ASAP.

VonWenk said...

Stephanie Miller's not my boss either. Some of the dumbest stuff I hear from so-called liberals is from people I first heard of on the Stephanie Miller Show or from Stephanie Miller herself. "We can't hate them back, or things will get ugly." "We have to be better than them." "We don't believe in boycotts. They might come after me." Even if we accept that the fool often speaks the truth, I defy anyone to name a Shakesspearian play where the fool was actually put in charge of anything or determined policy. I'm beginning to think she and her ilk belong in the same playpen as gays who sat out the 2010 midterms because Obama "wasn't moving fast enough on marriage equality" and people who demand absolute purity from their candidates.

And the way she fawns over Malcolm Nance and talks as if Trump might be immediately removed from office in the event of impeachment almost feels like she's priming her listeners to be disappointed when they're not instantly gratified.

Brad said...


- Brad in Oklahoma