Sunday, November 26, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Mindy Finn

Mindy Finn is the co-founder StandUpRepublic with -- surprise! -- Evan_McMullin. and a former Independent VP candidate.

She also represents the kind of thinking that got President Stupid elected.

And it never ends with these people.

It never fucking ends.
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trgahan said...

I am sure StandUpRepublic will get a truck full of dark money (a mix of dollar and rubles of course) backed to their front door or their own faux-libertarian Billionaire sugar day to support this latest right wing boondoggle.

Cause right now, it is just keep that low information, historically politically disengaged white, college educated, middle class and white retirees who are starting to wake up a bite and worry about what they are seeing from supporting Democrats.

Meremark said...

Driftglass guy,
Here's a clip out of ProPublica by a Chicago journalism tyke. Avowing her interest to interview reporters in Illinois; invites contact.

fwiw: ______
So far, I’ve been the one asking our reporters these questions, but now I would like to give you, our readers, the opportunity to ask a few. What do you want to ask our investigative reporters? Tweet me your questions @salcedonews. I will select a few to ask our staff. Ask away!

Andrea Salcedo is an Emerging Reporter at ProPublica Illinois. If you have questions you’d like to ask our reporters, tweet her @salcedonews or email

dinthebeast said...

Ah, but it does end. Each and every one of them will end. I don't know if I could face each new day without that certainty. I mean, I probably could, but that's how I'm doing it now, anyway.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Your gal Finn just doesn't seem able to fully decide that her own party is so corrupt and disgustingly morally bankrupt and was from the beginning.
The party of Roy Moore and the p Prosperity Gospel.

Where Citizens United so nurtured by GOP has made corporations and wealthy citizens with the only voices to be heard in our representative Government.
Which they never gave consideration.

Folks as Finn (here) got exactly what they supported. Only now realizing the harm (even to them).
Yet to admit fully would include their failures, accountability.

But what do they do with all that hate they so endeared to stay so devout?

If we were talking about Finn as an alcoholic trying to make it through the 12 steps.

The parts where it asks to take moral inventory, accept and admit responsibility. Admitting things like weakness.

This Finn just can;t go part way with Both sides. It is like im sort of partly kinda maybe a bit responsible for my actions and so I am sorry for the harm others did to you with sort of my support.

Now, lets go to the bar. I am only going to have one bee, because I have to drie.

Donna said...

The youth of America will one day save us from the scourge of Social Security and Medicare depriving billionaire sociopaths from a gigantic pile of money they rightly deserve to have their hands on. Guarantee there's some Pete Peterson bs going on here.