Friday, November 17, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Famous New York Times Columnist Sticks It To America's Clueless Elite

From the most cloistered and cosseted Beltway parvenu in America;
Our Elites Still Don’t Get It

David Brooks NOV. 16, 2017
Yeah, baby!  This is why people queue up at 12:30 in the morning at newsstands across American, waiting for the New York Times to hit the pavement! Just to read the fiery David "Eugene V. Debs" Brooks putting the fucking hammer to those clueless elitists! 

But sadly, there was once again no piercing insight to be found in the tepid pot of message delivered by America's Most Ubiqutious Conservative Public Intellectual today. 

Instead, Mr. Brooks one-hundred-dollars-a-word word-gruel just glopped ponderously down the same well-worn runnel which decades of writing the same wretchedly dishonest god damn column over and over and over again has eroded into the facade of American journalism:
Naked liberals of right and left assume that if you give people freedom they will use it to care for their neighbors, to have civil conversations, to form opinions after examining the evidence. But if you weaken family, faith, community and any sense of national obligation, where is that social, emotional and moral formation supposed to come from? How will the virtuous habits form?...

People can endure a lot if they have a secure base, but if you take away covenantal attachments they become fragile. Moreover, if you rob people of their good covenantal attachments, they will grab bad ones. First, they will identify themselves according to race. They will become the racial essentialists you see on left and right: The only people who can really know me are in my race. Life is a zero-sum contest between my race and your race, so get out...

Right-wingers wanted to maximize economic choice and left-wingers lifestyle choice. Anything that smacked of restraint came to seem like a bad thing to be eliminated...

There is a corporate hand that shapes our media
rough-hew them as we will.

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dinthebeast said...

"if you take away covenantal attachments they become fragile."

If you take away their children's health insurance, their already fragile children become more so, you ridiculous prick.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

For DFB, it all breaks down to race divides. Keep them around close at hand for a brain quicky. How he must make the GOP proud. Not eventhe Great Rushbo comes close to such a blooming spring flower.

I disagreement with the all mighty DFB. I have found race levels of imprortance a variable. While many prison yards show over bearing witness to DFB's casse. Even in my lifetime have sound different races can be enlightening and can be held up with suitable amounts of honor.
I found no race hate in Oakland, Calif at a Jimi Hendrix concert, Even while toking with a self proclaimed Black Panther.. On the other hand at a conceert in San Hose at a Ike and Tina Turner concert, a local Chpater of the Hells Angels came in and violently caused a lot of discourse. What mattered to me was not the race of a person deployed with the military in war, but rather their competence. It is evident that
DFB is fragile enough to cling to his race / Clan (Klan) how ever he wants to spell it.

History must have shouted into DFB's ears. The Revolutionary War was the Uniting of groups together in one force.
It was not Race that Benedict Arnold aligned himself with in his betrayal to his first initially identity of a group. There were other forces that drove Arnold. It is the same character we see in Putin, Trump and other self anointed masters.

As for instance and well put in the above comment of this DFB fragility. What lifestyle can you possess if you do not have your health or what economic choices can you foresee if you do not have your health?

For me,
I find that in the preamble of our Constitution, "The right to pursue happiness is not attainable if you have an illness that can be seriously detrimental to life when life sustaining mdical treatments are out of your freedomous choiced reach by one rotten inch or the elusive hard earned final dollar for medical care that will never be available but to only the few (mostly the inherited);
That although people have made the best out of the worst of situations, the pursuit of happiness has a requirement of health to proceed.

DFB will never have the words. The great words. Words put together that unite but only his Clan by condemning the identity of other clans..

Dividing words, Words & actions of Benedict Arnold making more than a claim to race in and for his fragile days.

January of 1801, Arnold's health began to decline. He died on June 14, 1801, at the age of 60, and was buried at St. Mary's Church in Battersea, London. The treasonous actions of Benedict Arnold are legendary in the United States
and not so much in England.

As for remembered in the United State for DFB? He could be buried in controversial comments.

Cirze said...

Sorry, but I couldn't help wondering if his many-years-younger new junior wife had caused him to decry his own lack of moral formation; we could ask his long cheated-on ex-wife, perhaps, for more insight.

jim said...

"... tepid pot of message ..."


Big Guy said...

You beat me to it! I got a heads up that Brooks had projectile vomited one of the worst columns he's ever mad libbed and I knew DG would be on the case. Just late in getting over here!