Monday, November 20, 2017

Danger UXB

It seems that a small and selective percentage of the tons of unexploded ordnance left over from the 1990s are now being dug up and detonated here in 2017.

And various longtime pundits for whom loathing of the Clintons was always the very best career butter are finding that dusting off their old IBM Selectrics and banging out 800 words of copy on Bill "History's Greatest Villain" Clinton and Hillary "History's Other Greatest Villain" Clinton to once again be a rewarding and profitable enterprise.

A sampling.

Ross Cardinal Douthat:
What if Ken Starr Was Right?
Maureen Dowd:
The Hillary Effect
Andrew Sullivan:
But evangelical Republicans are not, of course, the only group susceptible to such corruption. Democrats are human as well, as we have so abundantly discovered. Many of them have also made their political struggle into a secular form of religion, and found myriad ways to defend the indefensible because the cause demanded it. I vividly remember Gloria Steinem’s op-ed defending Bill Clinton’s sex abuse at the time...
Many giddy, Jebus-lovin' meatbags have even taken to Twitter to demand that statues of Bill Clinton come down because adultery is definitely as bad or worse than sedition, secession and five years of bloody civil war in the name of preserving slavery.


But getting back to the men and women of our elite Beltway punditocracy who get paid to have opinions in public, I am not surprised in the least that Mr. Andrew Sullivan (for example) vividly remembers a Gloria Steinem op-ed from 20 years ago, because the 1990s is where these people all still live:

These were the high-cotton days of the Elite Pundiocracy -- relative peace, relative prosperity, the GOP giving itself over body and soul to Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, and a relatively popular, intelligent, charming anddeeply flawed triangulator-in-chief named Bill Clinton to beat on like a pinata with one faked-up scandal after another.  Then thrown in a special persecutor named Ken Starr who leaked like colander full of tomato soup, with an unlimited budget and a mandate from his GOP handlers to find anything which could be used to destroy the Clinton Administration and it's a three-year Tantric pundit orgasm the likes of which they haven't come close to having since.  

Which is why -- as I pointed out more than a decade ago -- the Pundiocracy and the GOP all got stuck there.  They all came down with a fatal case of collective Meme-nto: the inability to form any new political memories after 1997 -- 

-- and I am left asking the same question now that I asked all the way back then:
Why has the Fourth Estate – right before our eyes -- become a bunch of cowardly Fifth Columnists?

Why, when confronted with clear and overwhelming proof of their complicity and gutlessness -- when asked the simple question “Why?” -- do they go all squirmy and twitchy and outraged?

Why do Conservatives get to stand on desks with their hair on fire and shriek the most ludicrous, vile and mendacious hogwhiz – year after year after year after year after motherfucking year -- unchallenged? Why do these same howler monkeys -– who have been not just wrong but spectacularly, catastrophically wrong about everything, every time -- keep getting invited back in front of the cameras and onto the pages of major newspapers?

And when they rise from their crypts yet again to spackle yet another layer of Conservative lies on the wounded world – to send another wave of our kids off to die for no good reason, circle the wagons around another corporate monster, piss another precious pint of what’s left of our nation’s good name down the sewer, tax-cut-and-spend us further into debt – why do the same “journalists” who were ever eager to carve another slice out of Clinton’s ass over trivia, now piss themselves in like puppies in a thunderstorm and hide under the bed as Conservatives rape the truth two feet in front of them and them rub their noses in it?
But here's the deal.

For all of that -- in fact because of all of that -- I am absolutely up for re-litigating the past.

I'm all in, baby!

But if we're going to re-litigate the past 20 years, we're going to re-litigate all of it.  Every corner of it.  Every president.  Every political party.  Every media outlet.

All of it.

So let the war crimes trials of the Bush Administration commence.

And let the Caucus Room conspirators be dragged into the light for a much-too-long-delay ass-whippin'.

On Meet the Press every week, let Mr. David Brooks answer for all the shit he has been slinging for the last 20 years, and this time the prosecutor will not accept "I don't think I ever wrote those things" as an answer.

Let us firmly resolve to shove all the reprogrammable "independent" meatbags through the Bush Off Machine backwards and let them be tried in the public dock for all they said and did before they burned their Bush/Cheney lawn signs, put on their funny hats and swore they'd never heard of George W. Bush.  And let every "journalist" who let them get away with it stand in the dock with them.

And let us put these patriots under a microscope and find out just exactly how they got this fucked-in-the-head:

In this matter I am as one with Bethesda 1971 over at Daily Kos:
Let the Retroactive Reckonings Begin!
Because the pundits and political hacks who now want to haul their highly redacted memories of Bill Clinton circa 1998 into the spotlight are the same pundits and political hacks who have made a positive fetish out of what one wag once called "Strategic Forgettery".   And now is as good a time as any to make them pay the price for it.

So go ahead, lets unearth all of that which has been buried and is now hammering away beneath the nation's floorboards like the Tell-Tale Heart.

But I warn you, you may not like what you find:

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Robt said...

Epileptic fit episode I
I recall the Hillary Clinton hearings by republican House majority investigations over her health care meetings while she was first lady.

So many questions of , When did you stop beating your children?

HRC )like may) could not (maybe chose not to) answer some of the questions.

The media was provided with video clip after video clip of her answering, "I don't recall" Editing out the questions she responds to. Right wing media desperate for ratings and hate mongering divisive issues. Looped HRC (first lady) saying, I don't recall" and "my mind is Jelloo". To feed the beast of hate and ridicule. Never was there any media that offered up other portions of the hearing where she answered adequately to the angst of the GOP congressional campaign caucus at tax payer expense.

GW Bush's AG Alberto Gonsales in a hearing for his own actions, broke all records for answering "i don't recall" I don't remember". Not even the lib media showed this or mentioned it more than once and only a dietary portion.
We sadly said good bye to Alberto without knowing really why? With exception of people with brain awareness disease.

Newt after being removed as speaker for so many corrupt and criminal offenses.
A regular on all the shows as an expert opinion guy. Never asked to change his shit filled underwear because of the stench.

Denny Hastert (former speaker of the GOP majority house) receives low levels of reporting on his pedophilia child molesting hush money pay offs. half an inch report on his revelation right next to the Obits deep inside the "don't bother section of the paper.
Bill Clinton received (for the most justly) over zealous report flogging after years of not finding impeachable evidence of murdering Vince Foster to selling drugs through the Arkansas airport. So much so, we got to learn about the female accusations of proof being that they knew first hand which side Bill's penis hung toward.
Of course, Bush/ Cheney held hands when they visited the 9/11 commission. Set up to fact find and offer future recommendations from torture to $13 billion of tax payer money sent in cash INTO a Iraqi War ZONE to Paul Wolfowitz who Bush officially titled as a "Viceroy of Iraq". Which led to the condemning of Czars of the Obama Administration . Czar's only the media assigned and doled out the titles to.

The media frenzy pushing the Birther supplanting into the minds of anyone who could possibly hear it. How Obama in his first 2 months tripled the national debt for Muslims and Al Qaida to bring down America. While still operating under the GW Bush fiscal year budget until October. This wasn't only Rush on radio. FOX on the tv. Everyone had to bool their Orly Taits and give her a her and other GOP paid voices the loudest possible and broadest media exposure that would drown out any voices of reason or criticism.

Of course House GOP majority using tax dollars again decided to manufacture hate, mistrust, false blame for false offenses over Benghazi.
Which ended abruptly with no fanfare when Trey Gowdey stated at the Select investigative committee's finale. Quoting Gowdey, " No, there is nothing we found that as a prosecutor I would take HRC into court for". Unquote...

Robt said...

Epileptic fit episode II

Without even once booking "GRANDMA" on any of the opinion shows or the News (what is left of it). The entire media spent a lot of air time on the idea of the Affordable Care Act , Killing Grandma" as Sen Grassely so shouted on a video he had taken at an Iowa park rally with 15 republicans on site (that included the staffers who videoed for the Senator).

Like the networks were competing with Roger Ailes and FOX. Notice I said "LIKE". Media lax on Romney care in mass.. heritage conservative-republican -big republican wealthy donor funded heritage Foundation owned the ACA concept. Yet it became Al Qaida's plot to Kill Grandma.

This last election, Bernie Sanders rally dropped for a camera on a Trump rally Podium, waiting for Trump to show up while they talked about positives of Trump and negatives about HRC and Bernie. This included the so called libral MSNBC who now is nearing a large tax cut. Can write off their office supplies but Teacher cannot. Because unfair market practices in a free market or how ever thick most of the media's drool is today.

Did anyone notice outrage when GW Bush was chosen as president by the SCOTUS by over riding state rights where the FLA state Supremes ruled to count the votes! Recall the outrage of pre emptive war that never found any WMD? To this day, is Iraw showering Americans with flowers of gratitude and is Iraw a model democracy republicans engineered for the world to awe of its transformation from evil to sainthood?

Since Citizens United. Paid speech has silenced most of free speech.

Mercer family spends millions on Trump and Breitbart during election, Casino Adelsen spends hundreds of millions, Koch Brothers proudly spend annually to year round campaigning and even more during elections. Koch's now own one fourth of the US House of republican representatives. No, not their district voters.
How absolutely soft the media was and still is over Citizens United decision that corporations and the wealthy can silence the voices of Americans with their paid speech and media conglomerat corporation ownership and its Russia TV business models.

But they have Kneeling at football games because the Twit in Chief chirped it out. While Congress cannot do a thing about weapons mass violence, but tells you they need money to keep us safe from ISIS. We get :thoughts and prayers" .

So when I hear the many public statements like Sen Graham say, "if we do not cut taxes our donors say they will stop doning". As if these domors will direct their donations to Dems? Really?
Or the Koch Brothers making public statement that they plan to spend at least$3 hundred million on the mid terms for the GOP.

---But they are hurting so badly financially. Tax burden forces them to hide trillions in offshore accounts. Because they do not want to pay for wars or VA care or invest in America at all.

Or as most opinionize reporting says, they are too tight on money to create jobs, to stop sending jobs to foreign countries for the cheapest wages and the right to contaminate and pollute as much and possible to find savings for stock holders.

As the disease spreads like Megan Kelly and her, "Hey kids, just want you to know. Santa is white and always will be". As research for the cure dries up. Americans turn to Snake oil for the cure.

EPA said...

Here's a nice 'I Claudius' reference for ya.

"Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out."

dinthebeast said...

I guess you could call it a perk of being on the right side of history, that at any subsequent point you can just say, sure, let's look at it again, you fucks.

-Doug in Oakland

jim said...

"let us put these patriots under a microscope and find out just exactly how they got this fucked-in-the-head"

Microscope schmicroscope ... decades of neurotoxic pollution, shite nutrition, soul-crushing alienating rentier Casino Capitalism & a marathon of carefully planned & well-funded social engineering were more than enough to GIT 'ER DONE.