Wednesday, October 18, 2017

You Can Be A Good American, Or You Can Be A Good Republican

But you can no longer be both.

I wrote that many years ago as part of my own version of the Seven Things so monstrous and obscene that you may never, ever, ever say them on teevee ("On Shouting Fuck".)

Let's check in and see how I did!
1. Joe Lieberman was and is a lying, warmongering weasel.

2. They don't hate us for our freedom.

3. Our democracy is a gutshot mess, and the GOP is holding gun.

4. The prime directive of our media is to scare us, flatter us and lobotomize us into giving our money to corporations in exchange for crap that makes us sick.

5. A disturbingly large number of our fellow citizens are jaw-droppingly stupid and/or intractably bigoted.

6. Genuine Christianity's worst enemies are Conservative Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians.

7. You can be a good American or you can be a good Republican, but you can no longer be both.

These define the circumference of the wholly-artificial Obscenity Perimeter the Media Villagers have invented to keep scary rabble from getting in front of a camera and making wee-wee in their mojitos.
Still true.

Still almost entirely verboten on the teevee machine.

And so it goes.

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trgahan said...

I'd recommend adding:

8. The $74,000 annual mean salary "working" class anxiety was never about the economy, stupid.

Pittsburgh Mike said...

WRT #6: If Jesus saves, well He'd better save Himself
From the gory glory seekers who use His name in death
Oh Jesus save me

Hymn 43, Tull

dinthebeast said...

An actual "good" Republican would be gearing up for some housecleaning...

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Yep, your correct on them.

If I may, carving in stone number 7 requires amendment.
"7. You can be a good American or you can be a good Republican, but you can no longer be both.
Amend to clarify the devolving;

If you choose to be a good republican. You can still be a good NAZI, a good Klansman or a good anti Semite or even a Russian sympathizer. In the restructured devolving party of republican Trumpism hostile takeover.


Tanbark said...

All good, Drift.

What are we to do? I think that the republicans in congress are shitting their trou at the thought of campaigning in 2018 with Trump still in the Oval Office…to the point that I'm some leery of running him back to his corporate cave, and allowing Pence to come in looking like, relatively speaking, Abraham Lincoln. If that happens, I think Pence will get a disastrously successful "honeymoon", and probably be able to pick up those two or three marginal votes (the lack of which has pretty much hamstrung Trump and his legislative Ebola dish…) that they can use for all manner of mayhem on us; breaking Obamacare; giving the corporate shits who've taken over the country even more power; turning the SS lockbox over to the tender mercies of Wall Street, etc., etc.

I know; we are running the daily risk of The Orange-skinned Shit-Gibbon (one of my favorite titles…)
succumbing to his arrogance and frustration, and kicking us into WWIII. I have no answer for that, and
we are, in that respect, between the proverbial rock and a hard spot.

Lastly, and not too far off-topic, I read yesterday where Diane Feinstein, meeting with the Commonwealth Club in California recently, took a figurative shit on stage like some aging rock star, when she called for "patience" for Trump, claiming that "he can do good for the country if he learns
from his mistakes."

I go now to wander door-to-door to try to collect funds for massive B-12 injections for our excellent centrist senator.

The Kraken said...

We can now add to number four that an auxiliary of the media, the nra, is actively flattering and scaring people into giving money to corporations that sell you things that can kill you and the people around you.

Batman 54 said...

The only good Republicans are pushing up daisies.

Robt said...

A good republican would obey Reagan's 11th Commandment.

Even if a member of his party is president and submissive to Putin.

If you can't say anything good about someone do not say anything as well.

They dehumanized everyone that is not republican , under Bush/ Cheney "with us or against us".
So Dems , independents, libs are not republicans and therefore the "enemy" and can be trashed. Even if they walk a more virtuous life than their guy the will not hold accountable.

bill said...

Now shamelessly entering its 50th year. Still getting away with blaming its disastrous policy outcomes on DFHs and liberals. Now, so transmogrified from the stated intent, it would be laughable if it wasn't killing us.

Fritz Strand said...

They are just preparing us for their vision of an America of shanty towns, open sewers and children with flies on their faces.

Qahir Makhani said...

Exactly. In the UK, same issue w brexshit. #readbeyondheadlines

bluicebank said...

The only difference I can see between when I was a young'un in the 1970s and now, is that if one or more of your family clan ejected you from the clan because you were too off, you either amended your ways or remained a pariah.

Nowadays, the clan can kick you out and it's a badge of honor. In my family, I'm the last of the Mohicans, the last one with one toe into the 1800s. Not a goddamn one of the kids would know a bored cylinder from a bamboo shoot, much less a fulcrum from a jack stand. Back in the day, the elders could teach the Youngs a thing or two. The damnable thing is, is not that the family doesn't care, but that they are too stupid to know they don't know diddly squat about what they're missing.

Qahir Makhani said...

For all this talk of Reagan and Russia, I think one needs to look @ the bigger picture here. Reagan conspired with Iran (who the GOP allegedly hate) to deny Sir Jimmy Carter a 2nd Presidency. In the previous election, they conspired with Russia, whom their current leader loves. Long story short, they are traitors and will conspire with any foreign power if it keeps them in power.

Qahir Makhani said...

Ask her if she knows what the term "Misprision" means