Monday, October 30, 2017

Transition Expert

Even after he was officially shown the door, Paul Manafort still hung around in the Team Treason parking lot, helping to transition President Stupid into the White House.
Ousted campaign chief Paul Manafort seeks to shape Trump transition
Now it looks like he may be instrumental in helping to transition him out.

Kinda poetic.

Behold, a Tip Jar!


Lit3Bolt said...

Treason in defense of "conservatism" is no vice.

"Modern American Conservatism" can betray, God, party, ideology...except power.

There's a name for that sort of "conservatism."

A name that Bill Kristol, David Frum, Andrew Sullivan, Matthew Dowd, Chuck Todd, and hundreds of others dare not mention.

Robt said...

There are many a prison inmate who would love to have manafort come stay with them.

They can offer him protection . for a nominal fee. They can organize KKK and NAZI rallies. All the possibilities this opens for Manafort.

The free market bribery with Russian money to the prison warden, the guards.

Definitely would improve any prisons free market economy during his stay.