Monday, October 16, 2017

The Worst Man

In an open, public process that lasted over two years, the Republican Party consciously and deliberately nominated and then elected a perfect specimen of their tribe.  And since the day he was elected the the highest office in the land. President Stupid has returned the favor by acting as the perfect avatar of his Republican base.

Just like Trump, the base does not respond to reason or facts.  Just like Trump, they lie constantly, maliciously, shamelessly and incompetently.

Just like Trump, they have no memory of anything before breakfast.  Just like Trump, they are consistently unable to comprehend basic human morality.  And just like Trump, since they are completely convinced of their invincible infallibility on all matters,  they gleefully mock the idea of compassion and believe that compromise with anyone outside of their seditious little circle is tantamount to treason.  

Through their Dear Leader, they are working hard to finish the project at which they have labored for decades -- rolling back the Enlightenment and wrecking this country beyond repair.

And unless they and their allies and collaborators are aggressively named and shamed and driven back into the political sewers from which they came, thanks to this disaster of a president, they will succeed. 

* Graphic and quote are both from "The Best Man", 1964.

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Grung_e_Gene said...

Being a conservative means wandering through the world blindly and aimlessly each event occurring ex nihilo.

tf said...

"I'll make my calls of condolences out of the combo package - I'll try this and then I'll try that. My favourite is the combo call plus letter. I'm the best at picking combos."

Who is following the lead of this poor excuse for a man?

Loony Liberal said...

The GOP is self-destructing. Unfortunately, they want to take the rest of the world with them.

The Kraken said...

It seems, though totally unscientific and impossible to separate ‘bots from actual humans, that the right wing authoritarian followers are getting more bold in their support of President* stupid after what seemed like a lull. Is it possible some of them got over the tinge of embarrassment and have now thrown caution to the wind?

trgahan said...

"...they have no memory of anything before breakfast."

Trump will serve this 4 year terms because of this simple fact. Elected Republicans will never rebel except where safe and/or on paper because loyalty to the Dear Leader is still the most important electability quality.

Worse, in 2020 Trump will be able to run another High School Class President "No More Homework and Ice Cream for ALL!" campaign because when he said this 10's of millions of American citizens immediately thought "Hey yeah...that uppity liberal Muslim DIDN'T call the bereaved families! Probably because the dead were white Christians! Obama hated America so much! Glad Trump destroying everything he did!"