Monday, October 30, 2017

Remember Ben Carson?

The GOP: Imbeciles, crooks, bigots and traitors all the way down.


Robt said...

Something that simply amazed me.
When Carson was a presidential candidate. So many republicans were really talking him up. He was highly regarded for a while. By the same peopel who are out marching for White Supremacy rights. The Klan, nAZIS.
Or now, the NAZI Klan.--It is new and improved by the corporate merger.

RUKidding said...

As Robt says: a lot of the White Supremacists/Nazis liked Ben Carson and talked him up during the earlier days of the campaign. I guess the defining features that attracted them to both Carson & Trump are that both are: a) stupid but have managed to "make it" in some way in our greedy, grubbing society, and b) both are born grifters.

Or something, something. Plus for the Nazi's Carson, like Michael Steele before him, makes for a willing, malleable "house negro" who'll do the bidding of racists, white supremacists, etc, while giving them "cover" to make it seem like the R-Team is such a "big tent."

Or something...

freshsideofhell said...

The congressman Kicked that ass!!!