Monday, September 11, 2017

Pretty Sure I've Been Writing Jonathan Chait's Column Seven Days a Week For Over a Decade

From Jonathan Chait in NYMag:
The Only Problem in American Politics Is the Republican Party
And it has been pretty much a one-way ticket to pariah-hood.

Well so be it.

But then comes the sobering part.  The moment most of us reached decades also.

Then moment when "It is therefor self-evidently true that the Republican Party is the problem" stops being a conclusion you finally, tortuously reach...

...and starts being a first principle with which you begin.
Since it is self-evidently true that the Republican Party is the problem, it must therefor follow that...

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Bigtoe said...

"Democrats fear Republican government because it is dangerous and extreme. Republicans fear Democratic government because they are dangerous and extreme."

His last paragraph sums it up nicely. But not enough journalists are willing to speak the truth because of corporate interests/fears.

Knight of Nothing said...

"Pretty Sure I've Been Writing Jonathan Chait's Column Seven Days a Week For Over a Decade..."

without his maddening apologetics for charter schools or his sad-clown jeremiads to the problems of political correctness.


Robt said...

As the R-cons of the NRA puts it,

"Guns don't kill people. People kill people".

There as,

"Republicans do not inflict anarchy on society, People who become republicans do".

(This includes any and all evil built robots sent back in time from the future to destroy America).

Unknown said...

Baby steps, Drifty. You can't just leap into the IF-THEN statements once you draw a devastating conclusion about the Republicans. It's true that "it's self-evident that the Republican Party is the problem.", BUT THAT"S ALL FOR NOW!!!

You can't take the next logical step toward fixing the problem. You have to let the conclusion marinate for a while, see if the RWNJs will let it pass without torches and pitchforks and calls for resignations. It's like lifting a collar off a giant rabid dog - gently, quietly, bit by bit, DON'T WAKE IT UP.

It doesn't matter that this is an existential crisis for the Constitution, our institutions, and our Democracy itself. If the RWNJs realize what Johnny-Boy is saying out loud before it becomes RWNJ dogma, it might mean Johnny-boy could lose his job.

PRIORITIES, Drifty!! Always remember your PRIORITIES!!!