Monday, September 11, 2017

Dowd vs. Blow

At this particular moment in history, the grim reality of the Trump Administration (and the mentally-underclocking imbeciles and FitBit Bigots in this country who will stand with President Stupid no matter what) is a national political crisis which is overwhelmingly more important than any other political calamity we currently face.

As we dirty Libtards have been saying for a very, very long time, this is the conversation we need to be having. From Charles Blow in The New York Times ("Soul Survival in Trump’s Hell")
The real change will come when those who felt compelled to stand on principle and not participate in an election in which they felt they were being forced to choose between “the lesser of two evils” realize the staggering magnitude of the gap between those “two evils.”

By the way, the lesser-of-two-evils argument is poppycock. The choice people faced in November was the difference between dim light and absolute darkness. There really was no comparison. The false parity was a media concoction and a Russian propaganda weapon...
And, at this moment in history, there is also a large and loosely organized cohort of well-paid professionals at every level of the Beltway media who, for various financial and psychological reasons, are desperate for us not to have this conversation.  From Matthew Dowsd, ABC New's chief political analyst:

At this particular moment in history there are only two sides in this fight.

On one side there are Trump and his Republican goons, his Fake Christians, his tiki-torch Nazis, his propagandists, his collaborators and his useful idiots.

One the other side there are the Good Guys.  Not pure.  Not angels.  Just the usual mix of American mutts that have always answered the call every time our nation has been threatened --

-- all pointing our pikes and swords and muskets in the same direction and more-or-less not at each other.

Pick a side.

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dinthebeast said...

Oh, poor Matt. His duopoly is broken. He should really get that looked at, it's making him look like an idiot.

-Doug in Oakland

Lawrence said...

Mr. Glass, what is a FitBit bigot? You or Fran used the term on the podcast last Friday and also in this article. The three minutes I spent Googling gave me no answers. And If I can't grok with three minutes of Googling I need to Ask A Friend.

driftglass said...


You won't find it on Google because we're coining it. Also "chardonnay racist". Meaning, those on the Right who are living a pretty good and financially secure life, who don't wear hoods and are uncomfortable around goons giving Nazi salutes, but who are nonetheless perfectly OK with genteel racism and perfectly willing to vote for a monster like Trump with a smile.

Lawrence said...

Mr. Glass,
Thanks. I will file this between "Even the liberal New Republic" and "Green Balloons".