Monday, August 21, 2017

WaPo Just Can't Stop WaPooing All Over Itself

In case you were wondering, is the White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post and a paid political analyst for MSNBC & NBC News.

And every time President Stupid's spastic colon spasms, Mr. Rucker snaps a collar bone.

One side-note: As I was staggering back to the keyboard to write this. I looked up to see Bloody Bill Kristol. On MSNBC. Being interviewed by Brian Williams. On the Middle East, US foreign policy and war-making and where Lindsay Graham, John McCain and Holy Joe Liebermann all go to get their mani-pedis. All done with a completely straight face.

As I have opined once or twice...

And there it was, happening once again: the media treating a monster like a long-lost lodge brother. Helping him ooze back into respectability. Happening in real time right out in public and no one -- no one -- but some scurrilous, disreputable bloggers are even going to mention it.


Robt said...

He pivoted off his golden shiter to stop tweeting for an hour and he became presidential?

Tonite I watched a,
Real estate agent, a bankruptcy king, an Inheritance baby, a white supremacist enabler, a NAZI defender, a Hollywood playboy, A Russian Puppet, a self proclaimed (unproven) genius, a presidential candidate, a president office holder, a pisser in Chief and a mentally ill very poorly aged white male of privileges,
A irresponsible brat Argue with a 4 deferment war hero of taking possession of a war in Afghanistan that he campaigned to take control over and withdraw Americans from. only to lose that argument to continue as Obama (who he severely criticized of this war). But placed his new policy of strength and winner and Tiger blood.. With Trump's mystery Doctrine.

One of those many people mentioned in this self centered argument won.

Now, either you can decide who won the argument or you can tune into Sean Hannity to tell you.

All I can say is, After the war with North Korea, Venezuela, The China econ- war, The war on ISIS, the war in Syria, the American health care war. Revisiting the U.S. Civil War and WWII. And being told, "there are good NAZIs and there were bad people on the side of confronting NAZIsm.

Aren't there some good Mid East terrorists? They are not all bad like those violent people that confront them on behalf of the American Government?

This Felle that won the Afghan war decision, now wants to send Americans to fight the good guys?
And damn, how does a marine distinguish between a good terrorist and a bad one?

He figured out if he kept his word and just pulled out of Afghanistan, he might be viewed as a loser. So keep the attrition war going until he is out of office.
Oh, We have another war on the horizen, Pakistan. From his speech.

Can he focus on this for more than a day? A week? But then as a CEO he deligates it so when it fails he has a blame doll.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

The Reasonable Donald Trump is like Mr. Brooks' Reasonable Republicans...

...any day now we'll see them, and it'll be awesome.

Be seeing you.

RUKidding said...

As I said elsewhere:

The timing of this "speech" about the need to continue the criminal graft, corruption and grifting in Afghanistan is mainly, imo, to distract the rubes from the ongoing clusterfeck that is Trump's Presidency. It neatly distracts from: 1)the Nazi mess at Charlottesville; 2) Mueller's investigations, which have swept up Trump family members & close associates; 3) the mess of Trump's administrative staff mostly all leaving or being summarily fired after a matter of months; 4) the fact that Trump's gotten almost none of his programs passed (and doesn't look promising for the future); 5) the various leaks which have demonstrated what a weak, know-nothing idiot Trump is.

Added bonus: by pretending that Trump, himself, made some sort of "decision" about the alleged "need" for more WAR, Inc in Afghanistan - I mean what's REALLY going to change there? It'll just be business as usual - means that the US propaganda machine can crank up the volume on saying how NOW Trump has "pivoted" and is ever so Presidential-ish. Gag.

And like a young child taken to the Doctor for a shot & mom gives him an ice cream cone afterwards for being a brave good boy, Trump is being "treated" to one of his Nazi rallies in Phoenix tonight. Gag. I hear that "they" are busing in the idiots to shriek out their adulation of the dementia-ridden man-baby, just like they did in Poland. Probably didn't have to buy them off like they did with some of the Poles.

Trump's been brought to heel by his Generals, who are making Trump do their bidding. Same as it ever was.

Fritz Strand said...

WaPo can never get a story out of the spin cycle. Their Watergate reporting was an exception to their normal work as in house, company town stenographers.

Ervin said...

And I thought eric prince was going to take over in Afghanistan. Then it's into the secret service,and then don's palace guard. Sorry Driftglass,at times I get a little paranoid.

Ervin said...

And I thought eric prince was going to take over in Afghanistan. Then it's into the secret service,and then don's palace guard. Sorry Driftglass,at times I get a little paranoid.

Jeff said...

After the first several minutes of his "speech" (which of all his past actions and words say lacked all sincerity, of course), Trump came to this:

"But we must also acknowledge the reality I am here to talk about tonight: that nearly 16 years after September 11th attacks, after the extraordinary sacrifice of blood and treasure, the American people are weary of war without victory. Nowhere is this more evident than with the war in Afghanistan, the longest war in American history -- 17 years."

Is it that whoever wrote that second sentence is just bad at arithmetic? Or was the "17 years" intentional, intended to imply that the war in Afghanistan started under Clinton and before 9/11?

Either way, I'm glad we have the new President Trump--competent, honest. We're in much better hands now that we were last week, huh?

RUKidding said...

To ervin:

Yeah, we all thought that Amway Grifter/Big Donater, Betsy De Vos's disgusting prick massive Grifter extrodinnaire war criminal bro, Eric Prince, would get the go-ahead to take over the crooked graft, crime and grifting in Afghanistan.

I read somewhere that Billionaire psychopath Stephen Feinberg who controls DynCorp, which makes a load of filthy lucre from Afghanistan chaos, was displeased to learn that Prince might get the nod to get the spoils. So I guess there was some Oligarch palace intrigue, which resulted in the Generals reserving the spoils for the military and for their fellow travelers like Feinberg.

Hard to keep track of who's the biggest crook these days, ain't it?

And who knows what's true or not, but there certainly was some sort of shuffle that happened there, for sure.

No doubt Prince has been tossed a few bones to get him to STFU, and, as I indicated above, I'm sure Trump made sure he got a cut in the action as well. After all, isn't that the "art of the deal"???

Grung_e_Gene said...

August was the month Trump became President... of the Confederacy.

trgahan said...

He's Presidential and suddenly 63 million America-First-Isolationists are War Hawks again over deploying just 4,000 fucking troops?

What is the over/under that 4,000 is probably the largest number he can deploy without the military needing to extend tours, cancel leaves, and/or call up reserves so Republican base doesn't start paying the blood part again for the War On Terror again like Bush made them?

I do have to say this...Trump is probably the President who would declare victory in three months regardless of what is going on, pull everyone out, and not suffer a bit electorally no matter what the consequences the US faced by an abandoned Afghanistan because Republican voters would be utterly incapable of admitting Der Furher screwed up.