Friday, August 18, 2017

Racist President Fires Racist Hype Man

American racists "concerned" but remain optimistic.

Bannon out.

Why no picture of Bannon?

Because Bannon is not the story.

President Stupid and the party of bigots and imbeciles that elected him is the story.

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BongoShaftsbury1 said...

Draining the swamp only required installing a sump pump in the White House basement

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

"But we already recorded the f*cking podcast!"

Be seeing you.

trgahan said...

Fuck...I'm not even half way through Devil's Bargain about how master strategist Bannon "get's it" in ways us stupid liberals never will.

Yet this Poor Man's Karl Rove couldn't even last a year and didn't accomplish anything a new administration won't reverse in the first week.

mike gruey said...


RUKidding said...

Rumor has it that Bannon was in heavy convo with his wealthy patrons, the Mercers. Perhaps this was a studied move, after all, by Bannon & the Mercers (would be beyond Trump's capabilities to do something "studied").

Perhaps the Mercers feel Bannon can do their greedy, white supremacist "cause" more good outside of the White House, rather than inside what is clearly a disaster area.

Bannon did what the Mercer's wanted, anyway, which was to install Clockwork Orange in the Oval Office. What's one less droogie by Trump's side? Plenty more Nazis scuttling 'round the West Wing these day.

I doubt that we're seeing the last of Bannon's influence, sad to say. He and the Mercers want to destroy the US Government. Frankly, they've been more successful so far than anything ever conjured in my wildest nightmares.


Robt said...

Trump was so presidential when he gave his many, many Charloteville speeches to the nation. Including how the press treat him.

That is when he finally became president. Of the NAZI party.

Robt said...

Racist dumbass fires racist employee.

Says, "I have many, many more very nice and good racist people to chose from. discarding one makes little difference to me".

What does it take for a dumbass to please the fake news? When Putin advised him to run with racism, "that it would ignite the country.
Dumbass heard, "it would united the country.