Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Liberals With Functional Memories Need Not Apply

There will be no Liberals on the "Country Over Party" panel at the Texas Tribune Festival, because who wants their picnic suddenly turning into a turkey shoot?


Yastreblyansky said...

Instantly misread that head as an invitation, "The country's over and we're having a party!"

I had a really annoying Twitter interaction the other day with one of these people trying to explain that once you've decided you're nonpartisan, choosing "country over party" is nothing to brag about. It's like choosing fresh fruit over ice cream for dessert when there's no ice cream in the freezer anyway. They remained convinced of their nobility. Tools.

dinthebeast said...

"...who wants their picnic suddenly turning into a turkey shoot?"

ME!!! Me. Mememememe. Uh, I do, thank you very much.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

I hear Putin is sending his Ambassador Kislyack to the meeting.

There is much affection for Communism dealt out through Oligarchy in the GOP southern ranks today.

If only there was just one conservative media outlet Free from liberal law which would allow the freedom of a hannity to inform them, Russia does not have a 2nd Amendment.

RUKidding said...

No doubt the "conversation" will be about how the Libtards the ones who're all "Party over Country" constantly and forever.

All the wonderous Trump voters are only and solely concerned about the status of our country; got nothin' ta do wid the GOP.

Anyway, that's what my cousin in Alabama (admittedly not Tejas but probably close enough) told me. She heard it from El Lushbo, so It. Must. Be. True. Rush also adjures his Dittoheads about how very much Trump Loves. Merka. So there! Nyah Nyah Nyah.

trgahan said...

The amount of damage one could do just by asking the panel "Where were you when?"

Leave it there, so when one of them asks "When what?" you can lay out the specific hypocrisy that panel member committed on the daily basis for a paycheck since the Bush Senior's drinking buddies put his nitwit kid in the White House and they were all told to go forth and announce the arrival of the 1,000 year One Party Conservative Reich!

I am sure before you're done Ralston would call time and end the panel.

Henny said...

Send me a telegram when these brace souls take their medicine show to TX-1 for Louie Gohmert's ilk.

SamB said...

Jon Ralston is OK. Maybe he'll use his moderator role well.

Pat said...

Right trgahan, I am old enough to remember every one of these Republicans who are now playing on CNN and MSNBC like they are such "principled conservatives" when they are the very people who molded the voters who brought Trump to power. Therefore, THEY brought Trump to power and now act like they are innocent of ever doing so. I will never forget!

jim said...

Vichy Amerika - how soon & how selectively they forget.
Trapped perpetually attempting to teach history their morbid version of etiquette.

Then, if you look far enough, you can find those who, instead of mouthing the words for a fat merch cut & book royalties, sincerely mean it & can actually back that shit up.

They're stealing that idea from Nurul Izzah & everyone like her.