Thursday, August 17, 2017

Bullshit Connor Speaks

...the King grew vain;

Fought all his battles o'er again;

And thrice he routed all his foes,

And thrice he slew the slain*

President Stupid is never going to stop until he is removed from office.  Never.

Furthermore, the Republican Base is never going to leave him because they are just like him -- a fact which, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary staring them in the face --

-- the Brain Caste of the GOP and pretty much every member of the Beltway media has spent the last couple of decades vehemently denying by numbly invoking the Magic Conjure Words "Both Sides Do It" over and over again every single fucking day.

As I wrote last year about the Suddenly Woke Ana Navarro, but which applies to all the Judgement Day Republican converts and every single go-along-to-get-along windsock pundit in the Beltway media...
Like most Republicans who have come-to-Jesus long after it was too late, Ms. Navarro has plenty of fury, but is pitifully short of answers.  She keeps insisting that, to keep Il Douche in check, the Republican congress "must" do this and "must" do that...which she damn well knows they are never, ever going to do.  The boys greet her impotent hand-waving with a polite moment of silence, after which -- bless 'em -- they ask "OK, but what about those members of the Republican congress who don't have a conscience?"  

She also lays a lot of the blame for this fiasco at the feet of the self-contained media-bubble in which...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...

...Both Sides live!

Because Driftglass Rule #17: If you corner a Conservative hard enough, Matthew Dowd/David Brooks/Ron Fournier will invariably come popping right out of their mouth.  After all, what else is she gonna say?  "Liberals were right all along"?  Ha!  We should all live so long.

While I do not doubt her genuine fear and anger, I have no use for Judgement Day Republican converts like Ms. Navarrro.  I have no sympathy for her plight, and her opinions are irrelevant to me. I am weary of suddenly hearing things coming out of the mouths of life-long Conservatives which sound, over and over again, a helluva lot like what every Liberal has been shouting from the rooftops for the last 20 years.  Sorry, but if you're a Judgement Day Republican who has spent most of your adult life mocking and slandering the people you now imitate, the only thing you are good for is helping us better understand the most efficient way to raze your Republican party to the ground.

For example. there is obviously something deeply fucked-up with the mental and emotional makeup of people like Ms. Navarrro -- and thousands like her -- that permits them to coast along, year after year, devoting time and energy to advancing a fundamentally depraved ideology without noticing the easily observable objective realities that were staring them right in the face.  

Then, suddenly, "OMFG where'd all these bigots and monsters come from!!!"

It seems to me that isolating the specific psychological malfunctions that cause someone to become and remain a Conservative and, conversely, figuring out exactly what finally fractured Ms. Navarro's wingnut conditioning would be a worthwhile project.   Also Ms. Navarro should be able to yield any number of exploitable secrets about the goings on among Republican influencers.

Beyond that, her value is exactly zero.  

* From Alexander's Feast by John Dryden

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RUKidding said...

Here's the frickin' "history" of the d*mnable confederate/traitor statutes:

Most erected towards the earlier years of the 20th C during Jim Crow times. Meant to intimidate, as well as goad to resurrect the then dying-out Ku Klux Klan. And guess what: it worked!! And now we have KKK Grand Dragon, David Duke, sitting on the right hand of Grandson-of-a-KKK-activist, Donald Trump, trumpeting out praise for his new KKK Leader. Yeah, that David Duke who had previously been committed to the dustbin of history, where he belongs, has now been resurrected by our White Supremacist "leader" in the White House.

Of course, the majority of GOP voters have not one whit of a problem with ANY of what Trump's done or with the activites in Charlottesville - or, oh wait, the GOP voters ONLY have a problem with what the so-called "Alt-Left" did. They STILL support Trump and vastly LOVE him, and I'm not talking about the smaller precentage of Out Loud White Supremacists. I'm talking about MOST of them, Katie.

Yeah, I'm sure there's a small percentage of GOP voters who are disgusted with Trump, but believe me, that percentage is very small. Why??? Because the GOP has been a racist party at least since the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 1960s, and it remains a racist party today. And the racism has only gotten worse due to the unending propaganda and brainwashing by the usual suspects in the media and the churches-run-as-very-lucrative-businesses. All done to appeal to the lizard brain bc it works.

So Eff these sh*ts like Charlie Sykes and Ana Navarro. They can eat the proverbial bag of salted rat dicks.

And yes, I don't see any of these Judgement Day Republicans making ONE decent suggestion in how to effectively DEAL with what the GOP is and how to truly make some changes. All these Judgement Day Republicans are doing is just saying: "Oh, I'm not like THAT. Now where's my payola???" Eff 'em. Traitors.

Thomas Everett said...

I have been liberally sprinkling your, "Liberals were right all along" mantra ( with proper attribution) wherever I comment

trgahan said...

Why do I have the sinking feeling that the Republican party just got the Saving-White-Heritage! Cultural War that will save them in 2018? With a docket full on pre-2018 legislation that will continue to make Crazy Uncle Liberty look like a giant sucker in front of liberals, it couldn't have arrived soon enough.

Trump seems to be under Bannon/Miller orders to keep slamming that White Nationalism! button on his busy box. But worse, like WMD's under Bush and the Tea Party under Obama, the media has completely abdicated its reporting responsibilities to let conservatives create a "violent Alt Left" out of thin air.

Colin Powell must have thrown his remote through the TV by now, yelling "where were THESE assholes when Cheney ordered me to destroy my career and reputation in front of the UN?!?!"

Robt said...

ALT Republican's always stood where they do not reside.

Claim; "the party of Lincoln".
-Except conservatives were the Democratic majorities then. Because Libs and Cons migrated does not allow ownership of past glory.

Claims; "leftists" tearing down historical and cultural monuments of great men"

How many registered republican voters would it take to poke a fork into the meme of "lefties rage on statues?

With Trump and his bigots decry the LIncoln memorial and eventually Mt. Rushmore to be torn down.

We all recall the at the end of the Cheney Iraq war. The horror by all these cultural elites in horror . How the GOP Gov't control sent in the Monuments Men to save the sacred culture and heritage of the Iraqi's..
As the fake news streamed in the "live" feed of the statue of Saddam being pulled down.

Now that Trump has gone full both sider. How does he do the Commander in Golfing thing?
Now that president Both Sides and contracted erectile dysfunction as Commander in Chief. As it pertains to choosing a side to defend against????

We all are aware most of the statues were put in place well after the significance of the era. To support the Duke boys rally cry of the South Gonna Rise again. Hope, support false justification to in-bed the in-bred culture and pass it on for generations.

For the religious rights absurds and these Monument patriots who hold so dear these latest base frothing battle cry to stand on to the last man standing.

Where were they when the Dakota Access oil pipeline was digging up right through native American burial grounds and historic and religious sites???

I mean, Can we just say the Robert E Lee statue has to go so a real estate developer can develop? We are well aware the sanctity of thee blessed icons have little value when the business needs to develop it.

It was reported Trump, himself is invested in the Dakota pipeline that had no affection for the native sites of culture
So what is that? If only the Tribes had a Bannon in the White House. Is that the lesson?

The difference, the Tribes do not use these sites to froth hate, prepare to over take the government with. As a battle cry.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

"Beautiful statues?" Of America's enemies? Maybe we should just replace them with statues of Bin Laden.

Be seeing you.

jim said...

in other words:

Death To The Decadent Liberal Fascism Extremist Anti-Pigeonist Egalitarianism-Supremacists!
Apocalyptic Leftist Flat-Bed Trucks Of Tyranny: NO PASARAN!
Set Our Glorious War Of Southern Farm-Implement-Tariffs Metal Moss-Farms Free!


Don P said...

Speaking of "Liberals were right all along", finally, for the first time, SOMEONE IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WENT THERE!

Of course it was Jimmy Kimmel, but at this point we'll take what we can get.

Pagan in repose said...


RE: "They can eat the proverbial bag of salted rat dicks."

I've always liked the line from "Full metal jacket" (slightly modified from singular to plural) as spoken by "The Joker": "Not 'til they eat the peanuts from my Sheeeit."

I wouldn't want to disparage the dicks of rats.

Just my two half centavos.