Sunday, August 27, 2017

Andrew Sullivan Proves The Wingnut Welfare System Is America's Most Durable Infrastructure


Bridges may collapse. Hospitals, schools and shopping malls may be abandoned and become home to field mice and tumbleweed and roving bands of Jill Stein voters.  Hurricanes may wash whole counties away, and actual fascists may overrun the United States government.  But come figurative Hell or literal high water, you may always count on the fact that Beltway will always find a way to make damn sure sure its legions of useless, card-carrying hacks and has-beens never miss a meal.

For example, a few years ago, America's most famous gay, Catholic, Tory, "True Conservative" NY Magazine non-blogger and Washington D.C. shut-in, Andrew Sullivan, was having regular, well-remunerated in-print freakouts over the horrors of Teh!Encroaching!Liberal!McCarthyism!
The left is turning really, really ugly again.
It got so bad that noted fringe lunatic and survival-seed salesman, Glenn Beck, had to climb into bed with Mr. Sullivan and hold him close until his waves of terror over Teh!Encroaching! Liberal!McCarthyism! had passed:.

But now, just three years later, actual fascists are on the march in this country.  Actual fascists really have overrun the federal government.  And, with the explicit approval of the highest office in the land, the meathead Republican mobs who are thrilled that they have "taken their country back" from the mud people and race traitors and Jews and queers and Liberals finally feel cocky enough to openly goosestep their racism and madness through the streets of American's cities.

And so, with all of that happening, how do you suppose Mr. Sullivan was making a buck this week?
The Boston Rally Exposed the Left’s Intolerance of Free Speech
Go read it if you choose, but you are familiar with Mr. Sullivan's writing, you already know that it is every it's every bit as pissy and entitled and laughably myopic as you imagine it will be.  It's only real purpose is to prove once again that, after all we have been through, and all we are about to go through, the basic Beltway rules still remain virtually unscathed:

  1. There is a Club
  2. You are not in it.

And if we ever learn to build highways out distilled cronyism and Beltway ideological inbreeding, they will stand for a thousand years.

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eddie blake said...

yeah, i saw that shit and my jaw dropped.

figured you'd get to it.

dude is a fucking clueless tool.

ACTUAL fucking nazis and he wants to "both sides" the pros and cons of turning your adversaries into lampshades and soap.

Andy K said...

And he still isn't taking input from the great unwashed. That's one way to stay within the budget for monocles, I suppose.

John MacCuish said...

What set of people comprise the audience of the likes of Sully or Brooks, or their various WNW buddies? The Albert Speers of the world? No Sully, that Conservatism crashed is not the fault in any way of liberals. It was always a leaky hot-air dirigible with flammable skin --and headed for ruinous destruction.

Jason said...

Andrew fucking Sullivan. Every year it seems the balloon of bothsider bullshit is filled at maximum density with willful disregard for facts and objectivity but they keep find ways of packing it in just a little bit tighter. If housing bubbles pop, surely this dead end excuse for national political discourse will break also. Or will it? Fuck.

Ron Skurat said...

Clearly he's the unacknowledged love child of David Brooks & Maureen Dowd. Kind of like the way Royal Bastards usually ended up Dukes of something-or-other, can't have one of the family sleeping under a bridge.

Robt said...

Apparently Sullivan has a sense of white skin security.

Andrew is not the only one that has his writers ear to the pulse of the bottom of the conservative bubble..

But if he is so sure of the bothsider of the opposite sides of the magnetic polarization. IIt leads me to ask of good old Andy.

How many NAAZI meetings has he been attending? Who throws the best White Supremacist elite parties?

He seems to be defensive for his Alt Right pals, eh?

Otto SixtySix said...

Keep doing what made ya famous. Why allow a new thought to escape your brain when your audience only expects you to recycle what you've offered before.

RUKidding said...

Sully Sieg Heils in line with the rest of his Nazi BFFs to spew forth the latest Nazi talking point, as espoused by the usual suspects in the M$M propaganda wurlitzer, aka Rush, Fox, "Christianist" broadcasting, etc. This is the end game that those of us on the left have been warning about for decades, all while being yelled at about the Overton Window. Well the Overton Window done got busted through pretty much when Ray-gun was in office. It just the took the droogies a bit longer to goose-step their way through it, Nazi flags and arm bands a-fluttering.

My uncle shouldn't have died in a bomber over Nazi Germany for this to be the End Game here. Beyond disgusting, deplorable, shameful, awful and frankly UNAMERICAN.

jim said...

"tEH INTERNETS ARE, LIKE, SO BAD U GUIZE!!!1!" says bourgeois twat paid to say so on Internets.

Lit3Bolt said...

Once you think of Brooks and Sullivan as PR flacks and recruitment officers for American Conservatism, their role makes a lot more sense.

Sullivan has to whine about the "campus left turning ugly" while minimizing actual Nazi terrorism and torch-waving. The fact that some of those torch wavers are from college campuses as well is a fact that is curiously omitted.

Col Bat Guano said...

Sully takes it to a whole new level in insisting that the press should have been allowed in to report on what the rwnj's were spewing.

JHB said...

I've taken to referring to "True Conservatives" as reverse unicorns: only the corrupt can perceive them, and they have a horn way up their ass.