Friday, July 07, 2017

We Tried To Warn You

We're still trying.


D. said...

Well. That was ...

(Damnit, I do have anti-nausea meds around here somewhere!)

David Pickering said...

Hey Driftglass, congratulations to your State legislators for overriding Gov. Hedgefund's veto and actually passing a Budget.

Robt said...

It seems after the great Trump solved Texas's seceding from the USA issue. By just giving the state of Texas to Putin to add to his expansion trophy case.

Reports coming in 'Bama, Tennessee and Arkansas are angry and jealous.

Polls, (if you care) indicate 30 to 35% of republicans, actually Trump worshipers. Have very strong affection for Putin and Russia.
You know, the constitutional patriot people.
They now fly the Confederate flag with the hammer and suckle flag just beneath.

And to think, it was long ago at all when, Republicans used to try and demean Democrats and liberals as "Commies" and "Russia lovers".

Look at them now? Turning to Trump, Putin, FOX and Infowars for their Christian White nationalistic family values.
Satan worshiping could be next but at this point not even a California phone psychic is unable to predict.