Thursday, July 27, 2017

But This Ship Can't Sink

She's made of iron, sir. I assure you, she can. And she will.

It is a mathematical certainty.

Our government is made not made of laws or traditions or buildings of marble and granite. Laws become meaningless when no one enforces them. Traditions become tale tales from a bygone era when they are openly flouted without consequence. Marble and granite edifices become parking garages and ruins when no one is left to maintain them and imbue them with purpose.

Our government is made of men and women. And that government is now cracked to the keel and sinking not because it struck an iceberg, but because, decades ago, the Republican Party dedicated itself body and soul to the proposition that the United States government is a hostile alien monster that needed to be gutted and destroyed at any cost.

It took many years and billions of dollars to bring the United States government to the brink of collapse, but the Republican Party finally accomplished what it has been saying very clearly out loud for my entire adult life that it intended to do. And now it appears to be a mathematical certainly that the answer to their depraved prayers is finally at hand.

And yet, as we stand at the very brink of realizing their dream of blowing it all up and enabling demented bigots to rule by decree on behalf of theocrats, plutocats and Mother Russia, suddenly some of the Republican's most loyal enablers are losing their nerve.  It's too late to reverse the engines -- to unbrainwash the +60M wingnut zombies that they programmed to Destroy!Destroy!Destroy! and tell them that it has all gone way too far, and there is no longer a Kenyan Communist Muslim Sleeper Cell Usurper on-hand to blame for their sins and crimes against democracy.  Which is why the world is suddenly alive with the sound of their lifeboats hitting the water as hordes of newly-minted "independents" row frantically away from the listing hulk of the great ship they worked so hard to wreck.

And they'll probably get away with it. After all, thanks to a mountain of Koch money, relentless marketing by Fox News and the rest of the Hate Media ecosystem and, crucially, the complicity of the Beltway media, they pulled exactly the same stunt eight years ago, and there is no evidence that any of the meatheads and fascists and media quislings who conspired to get the GOP off the hook last time have grown a conscience in the last eight years.  

Which is why this time, it falls to each and every one of us to do all we can to burn their lifeboats.   The Republican base and their enablers in the Both Siderist media sank the ship and at the very least, Republicans their enablers in the Both Siderist media should be forced to go down with it.


Andrew Johnston said...

I've heard in some quarters that there is a way to deprogram the cultists, that it happens quickly on its own, but it requires something that's extraordinarily difficult: The person to be saved has to be detached from Fox News. These folks need a constant feed of fear and hate to stay in that place. Remove them from that source and they quickly realize that they don't actually enjoy being angry all the time.

Easier said than done, of course. FNC has transformed into a sprawling alien parasite that has rooted itself deep into the soil, and it's not eager to turn loose its many hosts. It's certainly possible to free individuals from that fate, but I can't think of a way to liberate them en masse.

Gerald Parks said...

The Confederate States "party" has finally taken control of the United States of America ...sheese!

bowtiejack said...

Actually there's some good commentary that the Neo Confederates who yearn for the feudalism that was the Old South are just "authoritarian followers" looking for that strong fuhrer who will make everything "great" again. What's needed are tough simple policies (that don't require a lot of book larning), not snoots like that marine engineer in the movie with his fancy diagrams and "theories".

Mark Dobrowolski said...

I am looking forward to Qatar buying the Congress and moving themselves and the Palestinians here, to their new home. Bringing Sharia law and the millet with them.Y'all set the precendent with Russia, who's next?

Rusty White said...

I never once gave serious thought to the many demented scribblings on bar tops and bathroom stalls declaring that "the south will rise again", but seeing as how republicans & their media enablers have time and again thrown out noble traditions, decency and decorum in exchange for money and power while using the dog whistles/bullhorns of racism, but now I think it's best if we all cite our irreconcilable differences and split the remaining empire up.

Allow all of the blue states to form progressive coalitions that will help them move into the 21st century unimpeded with their own economies while the red states can wallow in their unfounded fears, their unworkable, backwards economic and social policies while praying to jesus for salvation when their morally deficient leaders bankrupt their governments and trash their environments.

Robt said...

From rising tides lifts all boats

Flooding waters through all ruptured ship hulls drowns all,

but the superior deserving race who who tell you their elitism is God's endowed will, with wealth and privileges to exempt them from such trifle calamities meant only for the moochers, the averaged and undeserving that simply waste precious air with every breath.

Here's to the Captains and shipmates who believed so adamantly there masters would not allow them to drown with the low lifes.

Full steam ahead..................!

trgahan said...

"....Republican's most loyal enablers are losing their nerve."

Because, like a team cheating to win the championship, they know their success isn't because they were better, smarter, or even luckier than Democrats.

They "won" because the rigged what they could and broke the rest. They won by opening the gates to barbarians, poisoning the wells, burning the forest, blew up the bridges, and, worst of all, everyone god damn knows it.

Robt said...

" and, worst of all, everyone god damn knows it."

"some say" approx. 37% of GOP either do not know, or think they can inflict harm on you so they won't feel so lonely. Because GW Bush let their life's savings be stolen to Wall Street yet were pointed to Obama to blame.

Aurora Silvermane said...

The simplest solution, then, would be to take out Faux News. If it doesn't exist, no one can watch it.