Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: The Salat of the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism

For the devout Both Siderist, five times each day, wherever they are on Earth, they are required to face the Acela Corridor and recite one of the ritual incantations of their creed.

That's one.


proverbialleadballoon said...

Rhetorical question: why is it wrong to have an opinion? Someone who's followed the news and studied up on history has to have arrived at some conclusion, yes? I'm more suspicious of someone who supposedly is an expert, who has no opinion. Right? 'hmm yes, I have thoroughly studied the issue and have concluded that I know nothing about it.' Okay, fair enough, but you are no expert then, Ace.

I saw a great example of 'splitting the difference down the middle' a couple days ago on the news. They were discussing the Muslim ban, and the Supreme Court decision. The talking head on the tv said that it was neither a win nor a loss for Tump. Right down the middle! uh, lady, if you propose something shitty and only get partially shitty pushed through, that's still shitty. ..and the media drives the getaway car.

trgahan said...

Well, Republicans broke just about every legislative convention in order try and kill children, infirm adults, and the elderly to give billionaires more money and a blank check to use illness to make EVEN MORE money. Democrats uniformly oppose it.

So send in the Dowd et al. to my white, educated, conservative, working professional, neighbors who damn well know better but won't admit it to spread a fresh layer of "Bothsider" bullshit that absolves their guilt and lets them sleep another night.

Robt said...

Just back up to Ronaldoous magnus who gaveth the 11th Commandment.
"Thou Shalt not speak poorly of your fellow republican". But may lie and demonized all else.

Then the Newter who gaveth the the open hunting season on Democrats, Contratual language of the Tower of Babel.

Bush and the Vietnam 4 deferment WAR HERO Darth Cheney who Gaveth the declaration of "If you aren't with us, you are against us". "embroidering into the GOP cloth of appearance the Constitutional right to silence any critic and taketh away their so called free speech". Who sent on to the earth the conservative prophet (and brain to GW) to the earth for us to serve.

At hand and not fully written is the prophet Trump's gifts unto the unsuspecting worlds in which Putin has sent him to bestow on the Americans selected to be blessed.

There is some major serious both sider being perpatrated in my state as the Dem state party leader takes action and punishes a party official that made a snide comment about Steve Scalise. Tat party official is officially fird.

Not even offered REhab for his irony expressed.
As the state GOP commends this action and puts this issue of Dems under a microscope and enlarges pictures.
Here is the GOP civil Both Sider we need to come together and tone it down actions and responses.
"We need to tone it down like you said. We need to come together and be more civil. Unlike those murderous liberal voters of the Dems, as Kathy Griffin.
us Republican commend you as the leader of the State Dems to punish and point out people your nasty political party that we GOP may make all the bolood sausage out of it we can".

Does anyone recall during Obama 2 terms of any GOP calls for civility and bipartisanship.

You know, like to save our economy in a time of true collapsed crisis?
or even when it came to the improving on health care?

Dod not the GOP have moments in documented history to help or do no harm ? The had their moments and history is documented how they chose to face the moments.
All this both sides, Dems are obstructionists blah, blah, blah is the strategy to wrap a tax cut bill dor the wealthy inside a box. label that box health care.
What the GOP strategizes for, what they are interested in is for Dems to collaborate that the GOP may and absolutely shall blame Gems for their health care failures. Even with strict GOP only reconciliation deployed.

Frank Luntz and his ilk have nothing but future job security.
Both sides-Warren Buffet is exactly like Koch Brothers.
But you need to hate and despise the Buffett and adore the Kochs.

Did everybody enjoy their Koch Brothers health care retreat? Every GOP senator did. But hey, you can celebrate "victory" by having a home party watching our GOP Senator having a kegger party at the White House with White Supremacists their to pat them on the backs.

RUKidding said...

Both in the House and the Senate, Republicans "wrote" their Death Panels on Steriods legislation in deep secrecy and abolutely refused to hold hearings, or, heaven forfend!, permit any input from Democrats.

In both cases, the legislations crafted were clearly give-aways to the already mega-wealthy, while insuring that: a) millions of citizens would die more quickly and probably more painfully, b) jobs would be lost (because hospitals and other health care facilities would close due to dwindling Medicaid funding), and c) health care and health insurance costs would rise, and not be reduced.

But yeah, right, it's just as much the Democrat's fault that this POS cannot be passed. And by the way, let's ignore the teeny, tiny clearly irrelevant detail that McConnell can't get enough votes from Republicans anyway.

Of course, Driftglass has clearly demonstrated how fundamentally ridiculous Dowd is, and Dowd is highly compensated by the 1% to remain fundamentally ridiculous... and a liar.

Lit3Bolt said...

Ahhhhhhh, the pundit's fallacy.

"People who don't vote and don't care about politics are the truest Americans."

Matthew Dowd continues his endless search for the Stanley Spadowski of American politics....