Saturday, June 03, 2017

Now That Conservatism Has Collapsed Around His Ears


The non-blog of Andrew Sullivan -- America's most wildly overpaid shopworn gay Tory Catholic "True Conservative" caterwaul-generator -- has slumped into a slack and predictable pattern.

1.  Trump is a existential threat of the first order.
The gnawingly persistent question in the Trump years so far is a relatively simple one: Is this reparable? By which I mean: Can Trump’s admixture of malevolence, corruption, and incompetence be survived without permanent damage? Is this a minor heart attack from which this democracy and the world can soon recover … or is it a major one whose consequences are, in some respects, permanent?

Which is true enough.  But you know what would have been nice?  If every single fucking yard  of the road down which this rough beast slouched all the way to the White House hadn't been paved and straightened for decades by Andrew Fucking Sullivan and the rest of the Beltway Both Siderist brigade

2.  Dyspeptic shots at Hillary Clinton, either head-on or en passant 
And few doubt that [Theresa] May has run a terrible campaign. She has made the Clinton mistake: She seems to believe that simply by not being her unelectable, extremist opponent, she’ll win...

You thought I was brutal about Clinton’s abilities? Here’s Rod Liddle in the Spectator of London (a Tory magazine) comparing May to a...
3. Bitching about those terrible Lefty social justice warriors who are just ruining everything
What makes this incident particularly troubling is not just the chanting, the underlying menace, the foul language, and the racist rhetoric (for the students, white is a reflexively dirty word), but that it represents a critical moment in which the physical space of a campus is taken over by the social-justice left. Not content with hijacking the curriculum, in forcing race reeducation programs on students and faculty, and in policing the hiring of faculty to exclude heretics, the SJW movement now wants to add an element of danger to the mix.
Mr. Sullivan has made an entire career out of speaking sweepingly and authoritatively about people, movements and entire countries about which he knows virtually nothing.  And now, like so many Conservative pundits who have lived to see Reality expose their life's work as frivolous and appallingly negligent,  the bitter dregs of Both Siderism is all these burned-out Beltway fossils have left.

Don't believe me?

Take a look at the latest wisdom from Bloody Bill Kristol:

As long as American media corporations have enough money sloshing around in their coffers to keep the likes of Andrew Sullivan and Bill Kristol (And David Frum.  And David Brooks.  And Matthew Dowd.  And Michael Gerson.  And Joe Scarborough,  And Greta Van Susteren,  And Hugh Hewitt.  And Jeffrey Lord.  And Boris Alexandrovich Epshteyn.  And Jennifer Rubin.  And Kathleen Parker.  And Ann Coulter.  And Peggy Noonan.  And Stephen Moore.  And Charlie Sykes.  And Rick Wilson. And every single, soulless sonofabitch at Fox News.  And... And... And...) on the Wingnut Welfare dole, you will never convince me that America's corporate tax rate is too high.


dinthebeast said...

"What's a guy to do?"

Uh, go fuck yourself, perhaps?

-Doug in Oakland

Lit3Bolt said...


Don't joke about that. Along with Peter Thiel style literal vampirism, I'm sure gay conservatives will eventually "start a conversation" about how they need to clone themselves, raise their own clone, and then start dating/molesting that clone at an appropriate age.

gmoke said...

Peter Thiel and his ilk will not only support cloning himself but also making himself immortal NOW NOW NOW Goddamit!!!

Robt said...

It is amazing.
Take Nicole Wallace who rants about Trump and many of his failures and his people failures.
"that would never happen during the time I was in the Bush white house" Nicole replies to Mr. 11th hour.
Bush would never opt for anyone so incompetency. He would bring in Arabian Horse show promoters and such.

They are re chalking the the yard lines on the field and moving the goal posts.
The center like their new fifty yard line for Dems will be back at the 20 yard line.
So to be a moderate Dem it would mimic say, Jeb Bush. Louie Geomert is now a centrist..
Ar you one of those extremists on the left?

The GOP re-branding might take place as from the Tea Party patriots to the Pepe Legions. It is all covfefe to them

bluicebank said...

"The right is buffoonish and bullying.
The center is earnest and nagging.
The left is self-righteous and hectoring." -- Bill Kristol

Thesaurus alert. Bullying and hectoring are synonymous, of which there remedies. But nagging is incurable, short of murder. I suppose that came off as self-righteous, a condition excusable as long as you got your facts down. But Kristol's smugness is starting to grate.

Timothy Finney said...

Bill Kristol went Tri-siderist!

jim said...

"What's a guy to do?"

Avoid a job whose salary is dependent on a continual supply of the blood of the innocent.


John said...

You know what gets me about all these right-wing attacks on "lefty" universities (as in your last Sullivan quote)? Their complete blindness to the reality that modern universities, structurally, are very right wing

Sure, they house cranky, privileged lefty professors who get to squawk about the injustice of the world and students who get to play out their normal and healthy adolescent desires for social justice. I speak scornfully here, but God bless both these populations. The world would be worse off without them.

But most of the work at universities--even instruction--is done by people who have really crappy jobs and live in fear of institutional abuse. Universities and colleges are among the most abusive employers out there. The people who work in the cafeterias and stuff make poverty wages. Much of the actual research in the sciences is done by researchers whose jobs are precarious, underpaid, and abusive. Much of the instruction is done by adjuncts under similar circumstances.

The thought that Universities are these hives of militant leftism is a complete misreading of the actual situation. I am a labor activist at the University of California. The abusive and even illegal practices I have witnessed being implemented by the University shock the conscience.

Benjamin Feddersen said...

Any white person who says unironically that they are victims of racism of any kind needs a swift slap across the face and directions to the nearest exit.

Spoken as the lily-white guy that I am, the victimhood-envy is truly stomach-turning.

Neo Tuxedo said...

The thought that Universities are these hives of militant leftism is a complete misreading of the actual situation.

They were traumatized by the Free Speech Movement and, ever since, have had this mental picture of naked women throwing Molotov cocktails. Maybe they should've taken a little less LDS and a little more LSD?

Bruce.desertrat said...

Thesaurus alert. Bullying and hectoring are synonymous, of which there remedies. But nagging is incurable, short of murder.

You know who else nags? those castrating bitches, amirite??? Smug self-righteous c**ts always think they're right and won't let you have any fun, like sending off other people's kids to die so I can jerk off to the war porn.

What Bloody Bill SHOULD do is nip off and remove himself from civilization, permanently. At this point I care not one whit whether it involves a tumble-down shack off the grid in Montana somewhere, a hermitage monastery somewhere, or a bullet to the brain pan.

I'd prefer he were in a 9x10 cell forever for aiding and abetting war crimes, but I suspect it's ever-more unlikely to happen.

Just go.the.fuck.away....