Friday, June 02, 2017

Matthew Dowd Remains a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Is our pundits learning?


Matthew Dowd -- ABC News's chief political analyst, who apparently spent the last couple of decades living happily under a cabbage leaf -- is "amazed" to discover yet another ugly Republican reality which has been plainly visible for decades.

Hey, Matt. I have an idea!

You're from Texas.  And the Dixie Chicks are from Texas.  So why don't you hop in your spiffy "Country Over Party" pickup truck, hie your tender sensibilities over to their place and have them share with you what life was like for them -- and for Liberals generally -- during the glorious reign of your former boss.

And then get back to me about how all of this is new and amazing to you.


dinthebeast said...

Sorry, Matt, but "common good" reads as "collectivist" to Pig-People, who immediately begin squealing, rooting, and stomping their little trotters in rage because something, something, Sean and Rush...

-Doug in Oakland

Repack Rider said...

Give the poor fool a break. He was surprised to find out about gravity.

HarpoSnarx said...

"Country Over Party" translation "Our WAY always." Now take that LIBRULS!