Sunday, June 25, 2017

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Over in The Better Universe it would be a shocking and shameful thing to learn that ABC News' chief political analyst does not have the faintest idea how a bill is drafted and introduced in either the United States House or Senate.

Over in this universe, it's just par for the course.


steeve said...

And of course they did just that (as far as their power allowed). HR676 medicare for all.

Habitat Vic said...

As distressing as the political situation is in DC (hell, most of the country), the situation with the media is just as bad - maybe worse.

An old friend that is still on the RWNJ pipeline of propaganda gave me a heads up about a strongly pushed meme in the last few weeks about Trump maybe/possibly getting helped by the Russians to win the election - but IF he did, the only laws broken would be esoteric "technicalities" of arcane election laws per the FEC. Not REAL crimes. Just more precious snowflakes getting their panties in a bunch over some laws nobody should care about. Hannity started pushing it last week on the radio, and Brett Hume is now saying the same thing on Fox News. The qualifier, of course, is that "no actual vote totals were changed."

Seems like the Conservative-Powers-That-Be are prepping for some real dirt to come out about the election in the next few months.The conservative faithful (yes, pun intended) will swallow this crap and ask for more. I'd like to think something this outrageous - hey, no big deal asking a foreign power/enemy to ratfuck our elections! - will awaken the Dowd/Brooks/etc of the media to abandon the both sides bullshit and call out the Republicans for traitorous behavior.

Don't have a good feeling about this, not if it comes down to counting on our (non-Fox, non-hate-radio) media to do what's needed.

Yastreblyansky said...

@Steeve Strangely enough, Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell had NO IDEA that these useful ideas were being proposed. I'm not clear why Matthew Dowd didn't tell them about it. Unless Matthew Dowd simply has no fucking clue what is going on, preferring the simple and beautiful certainties of the fantasy world he lives in.

dinthebeast said...

Or it could be that he's a moron AND an asshole...

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

or Dowd and his fanboys know the Senate Healthcare bill is an obvious malicious give away to conservative oligarchs that they are willing to lobotomize themselves (again) on basic civics to produce enough "But the Democrats..." Both-Sider bullshit to relieve their collective conscience over killing infirm children in order to get another $50k on their 2021 returns.

RUKidding said...

Fundamentally ridiculous Dowd is highly compensated specifically to NOT KNOW things like this, so that he does NOT provide factual information to the hapless rubes who make up his "viewing public."

Fundamentally ridiculous Dowd would much prefer it if truth tellers like Driftglass and the rest of us in the peon know-it-all (doesn't take much, really, to know what's REALLY going on) peanut gallery would just STFU.

But we're not gonna do that, so suck on it Fundamentally Ridiculous Dowd.

Robt said...

The GOP actually took Dowds advise on this.

The Sen. Rubio de funding High Risk Corridors for ACA in the must pass budget bill.

As well as GOP retaining Obamacare items like basic policy essentials and pre existing conditions. No matter GOP states drool for exemptions effecting the rest of the nation.,
Bet Dowd is excited GOP replacing with "a better plan", a better plan that only republicans could promise keep.

-If extracting $800 billion from health care makes it better. Making Down an unpaid intern should improve his (achem) talents.