Thursday, June 08, 2017

At The Comey Hearing: The Rime of the Ancient Maverick

It is an ancient Maverick, 
And he pesters one of three. 
'By thy long grey beard and glittering eye, 
Now wherefore stopp'st thou me? 

He holds him with his skinny hand, 
'But her emails,' quoth he. 
'Hold off! unhand me, grey-beard loon!' 
Eftsoons his hand dropt he. 

Today, Senator John McCain -- doddering, cranky and rambling about nonsense, as if he'd barged into a Persian restaurant by mistake and, instead of bothering to notice, he stuck around to yell at the wait staff in Very Slow English about where's m' damn cheeseburger -- exited the Comey hearing as the last survivor of David Brooks'  Imaginary Reasonable Republican Party tontine.

An Imaginary Reasonable Republican Party that, for over a quarter of a century, the sages American punditocracy have continued to insist is perpetually on the verge of restoring the GOP to it's former glory.  

But there is no Reasonable Republican Party lurking just around the corner of the next election. There is only the actual Republican Party  And as Senator Maverick was walked out of the hearing room and into an afternoon packed with pudding cups and Matlock, that is what he left behind.

The actual Republican Party.  A travesty.  A shattered ruin.  A mob of traitors, cowards, madmen and re-programmable bigots and imbeciles.  A multi-billion-dollar criminal syndicate who were so close to finalizing their scheme to plunderfuck the United States out of existence that they could taste it.. 

And then they decided, you know, what the hell! As a glorious coup de grâce, why not go all the way and make the standard bearer of the Party of Lincoln a racist con man and notorious sexual predator.  Because as as you know, bellowing "Fuck You, Libtards!" as loud as possible is a ritual every bit as sacred to the GOP as gutting Medicaid, smashing NATO and tax cuts for billionaires.  

Well now, just four months in, the festive orange ascot they picked out to accessorize their sedition has become a stinking albatross around their collective necks.  And the leisurely victory lap they had planned on taking as they shitcanned the United States forever and established the corporate feudal state of their dreams has become a frantic race against time to see of they can gut Medicaid, smash NATO and loot the treasury into the pockets of their patrons before the administration of President Stupid implodes completely, and the party is once again forced to put on stupid hats and pretend collectively that none of them have ever even heard of Donald Trump.


proverbialleadballoon said...

I'm on break at work. Anyone got a summary of today's proceedings?

Deondre Clark said...

GOP: Trump is too dumb to be a criminal. And Hope will get us out of this. Not hope the positive belief but the fact that Trump said Hope

RUKidding said...

I haven't seen any of this Comey hearing, and I refuse to sully my beautiful mind with it.

I have read about some who are attempting to justify Walnuts McGrumpyPants ravings as some kind of coded message to the Trump base to make them feel...??? I dunno. Feel something. Feel gleeful that McCain somehow socked it to Hitlery and the Libtards one more time? Feel justified in voting for an orange buffoon who promises to make their sordid little lives better, but is, in fact, on a beeline to rape, plunder & pillage them for as much as feasible whilst chewing them up and spitting them out like so much garbage.

That this party and their voters can somehow witness Trump making a complete azz of himself on the world stage, while McCain babbles in dementia... and somehow this is viewed is a "normal" or "good" or something something. Beyond redonckulous.

This country is so screwed.

bluicebank said...

In McCain's defense, Stockholm Syndrome.

Or to quote Warren Zevon: "Patty Hearst heard the burst of Roland's Thompson gun ... and bought it."

Robt said...

I hear the election is over. Putin won. I am supposed to get over it.

After watching the extraction of $800 billion from the nations health care. Just so the GOP could give tax cuts to George Soros. I don't get it.

Besides, isn't the nation in a death spiral of debt? It was when that other guy was in office just a few months ago.

So much diversions by GOP congress critters.

If there was proof of Russian influences in the election and or collusion by a campaign. They keep asking for the proof when they know damn well the investigation is ONGOING!

Speaker Ryan kissing Trump's ringworm today by saying Trump is stupid and all his expensive lawyers he has for advice are stupid. Trump's majority controlled party's in the House and Senate and before I forget, his 5 conservative SCOTUS that he has for advice. He even has the Malania and THE JEROD.

But Ryan says we should all cut the Trump some slack for being so smart and acting so stupid.
*How about Ryan cut some slack to Reality Winner, over leaking documents that our Government should have told us about. She just doesn't seem all that familiar with all those Washington laws.

For some reason I have this feeling that Ryan might not give someone else that same chance.
Let's try, HRC wasn't familiar with the State Dept when she took it over. So I am sure they would never investigate Benghazi. They would give her a break.
Let me think, If Obama fired Comey to stop any investigation of HRC emails. Ryan would understand that Obama just didn't understand the ways of Washington.

I do think he presented strong evidence damaging.
the American father version of Uday and Qusay.

proverbialleadballoon said...

ok, I got it sussed out. Comey has hearing, doesn't offer any information that isn't already known. Trump declares victory, simultaneously saying Comey's testimony vindicates him, and that Comey is not to be trusted. Press does its duty as stenographers, and simply reports what Trump claims, without performing the first step in the investigative process. Walnuts says something, and liberals get a good laugh. But Walnuts gets 'double standard' into the conversation, so despite our laughter, Walnuts has succeeded. Hi-lar-eous.

proverbialleadballoon said...

oh, and Mister Integrity himself Paul Ryan says that Trump is new to this Presidenting thing, so cut him some slack, because POTUS is an entry-level position, like grocery bagger. Press dutifully stenographs this, without performing any act of due diligence.

proverbialleadballoon said...

Net result, as I look at my 'news'paper this morning: Comey is a leaker, and Comey played the insider politics game. Ratfuckers Association of America's bullshit attack ads 'supported' and 'vindicated'. I didn't have high hopes for yesterday's hearing, but this is fucking terrible. But Walnuts said something funny, har har har. Are we ever going to learn how to play this game? Being right and on the side of the Truth has fuck-all to do with writing history. Are we going to learn this? Ever?

proverbialleadballoon said...

The ancient Greeks besieged and sacked Troy because Paris stole Helen from Menelaus, right? The face that launched a thousand ships. well, no actually, the ancient Greeks besieged and sacked Troy because Troy occupied a strategic position at the narrow opening of the Hellespont. The Greeks wanted in on that sweet Black Sea trade, and wanted the Trojans out of the equation. Troy, sacked and burned to the ground (several times). The Greeks become rich, famous as seafarers and traders. And then came up with a (kick-ass) story about it, as justification, afterwards. The gods were on their side! well, the right ones, anyway. Paris stole Helen! And I even heard that they didn't maintain their temple to Athena! Let's ask the Trojans about what really happened. Oh wait, there is no Troy. Even in the Iliad, Homer hints at Troy being in the right, Priam and Hector being the most sympathetic characters in the whole story. Does it fucking matter? 3,300 years later, Paris stole Helen, and that's all anybody needs to know. Greeks won, Trojans lost, and the truth is immaterial. Shit, it's all probably just a fairy tale anyway.

Robt said...

From deep under the canopy of the rain forest trees I see the Trump war room brigade setting up a credibility battle.
Is Trump more believable than Comey? Which is seen at telling the truth and has more history of telling the truth?

Who won the credibility war in court over the Trump University?

That Mexican Judge or the great deal making businessman?

Trump needs to face a Reality Winner, that he has no Turdblossom in his ranks. A Turd Blossoming is such a rare occurrence and will not be seen again in our life time.

The actual problem is, the majority GOP congress. Can they realize that even though their Majorities blanket government. Do they yield their separate but equal branch of Government unto Trump.
Eternal Hope says yes, Peter pessimist says no.
The nation's divide widens.