Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Too Right, Too Soon Is a Bad Business Model


Salon, today:
Donald Trump’s historical ignorance reveals a great truth: The party of Lincoln has become the party of Jefferson Davis

Beneath Trump's idiotic Andrew Jackson rant lies a real history of neo-Confederate sentiment and overt racism
Me, 11 years ago:
So as the Party of Lincoln has morphed into the Party of Jefferson Davis, the Battle of Selma is now being stage-managed by the fusspot ghost of George Brinton McClellan.


Man, the South just can’t win this fucking thing can they?
See, I'm not a monster...


RUKidding said...

Eh? You pegged it, Driftglass, and you, not Salon, were definitely ahead of the curve.

Funny how all of us Libtards were yelled at for calling out how Trump is enabling White Supremacy and fanning the flames of devisive white supremacy all during his campaign, and enabling it with "supporters" like David Duke and the like. Nay verily, Trump's voters were just "anxious" about jawbs 'n stuff. They weren't White Supremacists at all. Stop being so mean, you LIEbruls.

Truth to tell, some Trump voters aren't racists at all, but the bulk are. And it's been the South all along who's been butt-hurt over their loss of the right to enslave other humans for their financial gain and glory. Nothing much has changed.

Suddenly the media - who gave Trump over a Billion$ in free advertising but we're adjured endlessly that they told "fake news" about him and were so unfaaaaiiir to Trump - awakens to Trump's word salad weirdness the other day re the "Sivil" War and goes: eh? WTF? Does Trump NOW have dementia?

No, M$M, Trump does not NOW have dementia. This is who he was all during that overly long and awful campaign, and this is who he is today. Funny that, after all the sucking up, all the phone call free advertising "interviews" you gave him for months on end, you are just NOW starting to question this narcissistic, incompetent, incurious, constantly bankrupt, always stiffing his workers, undocumented worker-hiring, psycopathic, stupid idiot's mental state and political views? Ya just happened to notice it NOW??

And furthermore, you're just starting to twig to the tiny minor factiod that bog-standard, garden-variety Republicans have been racist Confederate Flag waving white supremacist jerks for like, oh, I dunno, for at least the past 40 years or so??

Really? REALLY?????

dinthebeast said...

What RUKidding said.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

And everything Trump did not learn at his advantaged private elite school for the wealthy.

What General Sherman bleeding his heart out to convince the south against its demise, as the confederacy leaders "believed in their own supremacy over anyone that might question their ordained privileged rule. (sound familiar).

General Sherman scorched across the south to the sea. A lesson the Confederacy began to accept as facts and not the Souths alternative facts with visions of Alternative facts of glory.
Gen. Sherman is well documented in extensive talks with the southern military ranks. It seems Sherman spent much time in training camps and military academies of the south prior. He knew personally many he ended up fighting against.
Ever since there has been many who took on the mantle of General Sherman's endeavor to convince away from such violent ugly folly.

Perhaps the scorched earth ride through the South to the sea as Sherman could materialize in this day as a scorched run through the GOP during an election.

The peculiarities, As the overt public loud hateful racist has a DNA test only to find out he has African-American ancestry.
many in the South that yearn to fight anew the Northern aggression as their Great,great great great grandpappy did.
Find out their family immigrated to America long after the Civil War.
But they feel as if the family fought the civil war. And like Dylan Roof, it doesn't matter. General Sherman of today doesn't know what he is talking about.

Like Those NAZIs who were born long after WWII and want to rise again as the superior race. Unaware, the ghost of General Sherman. Through the spirit of General George Patton riding his tanks smack through the superior race. As repeating history.
But that is part of clinging to your guns, the 2nd Amendment and only certain parts of your faith's Bible, which makes one supreme. Until they are not.

As the GOP rise again on taking us back to a health care system that resembles the the c Confederacy,s treatment of slaves. General Sherman pours a drink and begins his attempt to convince toward sanity.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

Yeah, you didn't strike me as someone whose civilian name was secretly "Chauncey."

As far as Salon goes, I've said for a while now that they sounded suspiciously like they were taking things from your blog. But this time...damn...

I'm now waiting for them to start "the Skilled Sinister Podcast, with Driftwood and the Biblical Biatch."

Be seeing you.