Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Illinois Retail Merchants Association Is Objectively Pro-Poverty


wibble said...

Well, yeah - duh! Those reservations for suites on the LaGrange Point Habs are MURDEROUSLY expensive...

steeve said...

Sucks to be them, huh? They can't charge more because they'd be charging more already if they could. They can't lay off because they'd be laying off already if they could. They can't cut costs because they'd be cutting costs already. The only place that money can come from is executive salaries.

Robt said...

I could be wrong (but I am not).

These same "business" and fiscally responsible folks would stampede to the front of the line to get a tax cut during overwhelming debt.
To pass on that debt to someone else at some other time.

Your friendly neighborhood Chamber of Commerce and American Legislative Council.
Our motto,
"working hard since the creation of the commerce to steal what we can of yours, because redistribution of wealth is for the wealthy to manage.'