Friday, May 26, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #390

"The second half of a man's life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half."
-- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, writer


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MRjonz54 said...

How do you build an army? Impoverish your citizenry and then offer them a basic level of subsistence in exchange for serving. Remember, for Republicans, war is an economic stimulus program.

dinthebeast said...

"How can Republicans look into a camera, and lie?"

I guess compared to his show having then candidate four-year-old on to lie where no camera was involved in the phone-in mendacity?

-Doug in Oakland

Jim Butts said...

As far as I'm concerned you can let Middle Child come on your podcast anytime she wants to. I love her sense of self and her burgeoning autonomy.

keith gargus said...

Good podcast. You used 'Hobbesian' several times today. It also is common for these cretins to use Darwin as a supporting theorist. Except that using his writings is like most of the BS factoids in their lexicon. Darwin was all about adapting to the environment species lived in. That is, food, shelter, space, etc. The successful species were overwhelmingly social (herds, prides, packs, flocks, etc). They never discriminated against their own weaker members. The 'fights' were between the alphas for dominance in mating. But virtually all species did whatever they could to enhance 'time' or existence for the species.
The notion of brutal competition was promoted by some of his followers, much like some interpret the bible to fit their needs.