Tuesday, May 02, 2017

President Stupid

Even the police...

began to sit up and take notice...


Hubert Vale said...

Somewhere a village is missing it's idiot.

Robt said...

No one ever thught of this.

But if only there was someone like me (Trump) to employ my reality deal skills at the time. WWII would not have to be fought.

Why did everyone have to fight WWII? No one ever asked that question, but I did.
has anyone heard of WWII? It is history people. Something I know better than most.
Well, I just found out and I am here to share this with you that have no idea.

But if there was only someone to make a deal with Hitler at the time. WWII would not have had to be fought. Being pro life, I realize that once many of those Jewish people were born in Germany. It is up to them to make their way in life. Not big American intruding Government running around the world playing cop and spending rich peoples money.
Well, I mean poor peoples money . They are the consumers and tax payers and if we spend their money on war. Well, there is less money for us wealthy folks to steal.

But if America had someone like a Nevil Chamberlain as president instead of those other worthless people America had at the time. We could have made a deal and not fought the war.
I told you I know more than the generals.

To be sure,
2nd Amendment rights are more important than health care rights.

Like the NRA says,

An armed society is a polite society.

So I translate that into,
Nuclear armed countries of the world (society) is a polite world.

I am telling you, if Trump's ancestry was in America at the time. Just think of how he would have negotiated with the British and save us all from fighting the Revolutionary War.
This man is something greater than a man. All hail Trump!.
Only he can fix it. As we watch him fix the world in front of our eyes in alternative factual time.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Oh dear, even Morning Squint is noticing the regression.

Rusty White said...

Squint's faux concern and supposed objective analysis is both absurd and laughable. He and the meat puppet gave Dolt45 unlimited airtime on Squint's tedious program all throughout the overwrought campaign. Squint's latest concern about his buddy Orange Foolius has the same weight of importance as to the death of the intern found in Squint's office. Besides, word is that Derp F├╝hrer isn't returning Squint's texts or calls due to volume of material of Russian collusion that Dr. Maddow has unearthed on her program which has given MSNBC a ratings spike as Phil Griffin has decided to reprogram the network to the right. It's just a matter of time before Twitler gets bored & starts texting/calling Squint again. Once that happens, you can be sure that Squint will happily drop to his knees and fellate Lord Felthersnatch on his daily "news program".

BTW - To anyone paying attention: I refuse to call the bastard president by his title or his real name. #ITMFA

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good evening, Mr. Glass.

Actually, Mr. Jackson DID try to stop the Civil War. Unfortunately, when he came back from the dead, it was as a vampire. And Mr. Lincoln was a pretty ruthless vampire hunter...


Also, in response to his question about why the Civil War couldn't have been "worked out," I'll remind you that one of your favorite topics is how some people are just beyond redemption.

Be seeing you.

bluicebank said...

To reiterate what many have pointed out, Republicans will only run from Trump in relation to how many rads of radiation they can withstand from the glowing orange pile.

So while they won't criticize Donnie's batshit crazy policies, they are beginning to craft their exit: The Donald is mentally ill. "An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts! It wasn't my fault, I swear to God!"

Don P said...

Believe me, BELIEVE me, I could have swung a great deal to avoid the Civil War folks, now a deal on health care, not so much...

Who knew slavery could be so complicated?

I'm just gonna send Jared down to Ft. Sumter to fix it, no problem

Neo Tuxedo said...

@bluicebank: "I was dead at the time! I was on the moon! With Steve!"

RUKidding said...

I've been hearing this talk, I guess amplified by Squint this morning (no tv; never watch), about Trump's newly discovered, just-NOW-happening descent into dementia.

I dunno & could care less. I did see on Wonkette that one of the faithful there helpfully (not snark) provided a couple of links to Dolt45 way back in the '80s talking about something. I couldn't be bothered to click out, but I was assured that these show that Trump was able, then, to put together coherent sentences and sound rational. Well, maybe. But so what?

Frankly, from the get-go of his campaign, he's sounded pretty much the same to me, as he did with this weirdo Civil War thing. He's the King of Word Salad (Palin being the Queen of it). He changes topics; jumps around; doesn't finish sentences; makes no sense; says utterly gobsmackingly STUPID things that are patently incorrect or false.

What's changed? That he's sitting in the Oval Office? Yeah, so how does that make him a candidate NOW for dementia. I mean, maybe he does have it. It's feasible. And clearly, unlike Reagan, he's not house-broken enough to learn lines and be able to "speak" them mostly in a non-gibberish way.

Eh? I dunno. Dolt45 said he loved the uneducated. This comment was EXTOLLED by the rightwing media as some something or other that definitely PROVED that Trump "understood" the masses and cared about them or some other nitwitted thing. No. Trump loves the uneducated bc, apparently, when they witness these performances, they don't get how inappropriate and frankly crazy they are. I guess his voters truly are stupid. I've tried to avoid that label, but one can only go so far to explain it.

So if Trump has dementia, then he's had it for a while. The R-Team let this pampered narcissist get through the hoops without them really really vetting him. They saw Trump as their way to hold onto power by any means. It's not even Party over Country. It's MEEEE over country by ANY means no matter how debased, how debauched, how disgusting, how deplorable it is.

And so, here we are, and this is the outcome.

Will the R Team invoke the 25th Amendment? I think they'll fight long and hard to avoid it at all costs. And anyway, if Dolt45 is impeached, do you really want THAT outcome? Mike Dense, or shudder, the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver.


dinthebeast said...

To paraphrase the dearly departed Zappa:

Let's get serious folks Trump made those speeches
and he said in them that he was just like us
So if Trump is dumb, we're dumb
and maybe a little ugly on the side.

-Doug in Oakland

eddie blake said...

figure the russian web eliminates the normal cabinet succession, as they are fruits of the tainted tree. also possible that gorusch gets the boot on account of that, and there's NO way in sweet hell that mcconnell and ryan weren't hip-deep in the conspiracy....soooo hope those wheels keep turnin.

New_damage said...

Indeed, Trump is the Doug to Dubya's Dinsdale.