Saturday, May 06, 2017

For Those Mealy-Mouthed Cillizzae Who Fell To The Fainting Couch...

...when Democrats in the House of Representatives rudely confronted with song a mob of Republican ghouls who had just voted to strip tens of millions of Americans of their health insurance...

...I hope you find that couch extremely comfortable and that you laid in plenty of supplies.

Because now this is war.

And the Right's media collaborators and accommodationists are about to find themselves very publicly on the wrong side of history.


John Hall said...

What has following the Marquess of Queensberry rules done for the left? Who controls the governorships? Republicans. Senate? Republicans. House? Republicans? Presidency? Republicans. Media? Republicans and Both Siderist Republican apologists.

Enough of the bullshit. Fight fire with fire time with an extra dose of common sense, decency and facts.

These assholes want us to play nice to make their jobs and lives easier. Which is why when we get angry they get all up in arms about it. I like the idea of making these people uncomfortable, Driftglass and Blue Gal. I'm certain you do as well. It's long past time to tell the other side to fuck off and go balls out to destroy them.

Lit3Bolt said...

Of course, to Chris Cilliza (I don't fucking care about his name), the behavior of Democrats was REPREHENSIBLE when Republicans voted to strip 24 million people of health care to pay the rich.

Funny how the behavior of Republicans is never reprehensible, or the rich never deserve condemnation, or the vague specter of Moral Hazard never haunts the boardrooms of corporations.

It's almost as if Chris Cyillzia thinks anything the rich do is always right. By default.

And the poor and the minorities and those that defend them are always wrong. By default.

Yet both sides somehow are equally to blame for the status quo.

Funny. That.

Gretchen said...

Thank you for that.

bluicebank said...

Amem, brother Driftglass. This is war.

Or as I prefer to call it, a reckoning. Not just pretty words. I have a Congress Rep. (Paul Cook, 8th Dist. CA) and I don't give a shit about his last margin of win. This is war, and fuck him and that swayback mangy mare he rode in on. "(Ret) Col. Paul Cook." I'll give him props for his two Purple Hearts, but subtract the millions of lives he intends to kill after his tours in 'Nam.

As one Dem congress-critter said, everything's on the table. The jar-head Cook might be one of the safest GOPers in Calif., but if he knows anything about the Art of War, it's that a determined foe can really fuck up your shit.

(Yes, I contacted him. For syops reasons, at this point.) "Hey, LTC, you sure that LZ is safe to surf? Because some of the men got some Willy Petes with your name stenciled. Not talking Charley. We Bravo Company, sir."

proverbialleadballoon said...

Aye, this is war, republicans declared war on us long ago. Democrats have been playing by the Marquis of Queensbury rules, with diminishing returns. Rules, decency, respect, what's that get us? Gets us our asses kicked politically. Why play nice with these people anymore? These are Dangerously Stupid times. Trump's dangerous stupidity combined with the pack of motherfuckers that is the Republican Congress threaten everything that makes life less shitty at the least, and another fucking Republican Disaster at worst. They have to be fought at every turn and it's past time to take the gloves off.

This is crazy. Isn't it? Trump's presidency forces me to think about crazy possibilities. I feel like a madman considering the possible republican fuckery, and Trump's bumbling into something unthinkable. This is the minimum: republicans can't be allowed to break healthcare, social security, medicare. It just fucking can't be allowed, because it will break this country's back. These are perilous waters, my friends, and this is at least a 4-year journey. I cannot believe that we've come to this, and yet here we are, so the line of thinking must be recalibrated to reflect reality, which is: this is war. Republicans have declared war on the United States of America, and it's up to Democrats to save it. I don't even like calling myself a Democrat, I'm more liberal than that. But that's what we got, and we must band together, so Democrats Unite! it is time to save the world.

Robt said...

As for your Star Trek Deep Space 9 clip.

Of hating what what I had to become because of you.

For me, I realize that notion might be waiting in the end. But I do not have time to feel that way right now.
That is a luxury I may endulge later.