Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And They Called It Anal Leakage...

The barrel has no bottom.


Jimbo said...

Hannity going to Assange is a desperate move. Most of his moronic audience won't know who he is because they don't pay attention to "foreign news". Also, in my limited hearing of his speeches, he is a pretty boring, tendentious speaker - not cool on radio or TV.

Robt said...

Listen to Sean Hannity and win.

Yes, be a winner. Just listen to Sean and call in with the secret conservative brotherhood handshake. (and secret code).

And win a weeks supply of Movantic. Because hannity listeners are definitely self opioid induced backed up (like an L.A. freeway at rush hour) . Really bad. As a bonus to special listeners. You can when a 3 day supply of Viagra by proving you have a concealed carry permit.

As for Seth Rich's family. Hannity only responds to a couple of things.
lawsuit (even of FOX) or hire someone to thump him physically. You know, a mild libtard body slam. Like in Montana. Because Hannity and the republican brotherhood really like that stuff.

Anonymous said...

You are right, dg- no bottom- but she runs hot. All the way down for eternity, I'm told.
I reach my hands out to all- and if no one is 'there'?
I'm movin' on. And, now with a wee bit o' wisdom- I only need told once or twice....Plenty of other 'fish in the sea' who are needing a hand up.


DocPhysics said...

And just when you thought you had reached bottom.

Robt said...

Imagine being a child of the hannitys. In school among st your peers who know well enough who your dad is and what he does as well as what he propagates.

But then, Trump's Mini-Me's seen to have survived and elevated to the lowest common denominator of life on Earth.
You think Pence , McConnell and Ryan have been co opted by Putin .
With McCain taking a stand (somewhat) on the Russia love-fest. McConnell leans over into the Putin penis receiving mode.

* If a child was kidnapped for ransom and locked in a container with only little air before death. That the ransom be paid or else. Then, one of the kidnappers get a conscience and anonymously calls in a tip where the police may find the kidnapped child and save it.
It seems the republican majority would be devoting their time and effort to finding out who called in the "tip" and what can they do to stop the leaks?
Instead of following the tip to save the child.
Analogies always start with the same four letters, "Anal".