Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Matthew Dowd

Welcome to the Beltway, where there is absolutely no difference between Bush and Trump dead-enders and Obama and Clinton supporters.

Remind me again when the Bush war crimes and impeachment hearings were held.

Remind me again which war Obama lied us into and then botched beyond repair.

I could go on with another hundred examples and not even scratch the surface, but since I've already written literally thousands of posts on that subject and because here is so much cartoonishly wrong packed into this little slice of stupid, it's really not worth unpacking this any further other than to say, if you want to know pretty much everything about why our media is broken beyond repair, you need look no further than ABC New's chief political analyst.

Now, for an encore, watch carefully as Matthew Dowd makes eight straight years of lockstep obstruction and sabotage of everything the Obama Administration tried to do -- up to and including Republicans filibustering their own bills -- magically disappear. 


Andrew Johnston said...

That's not what "anchoring" means you dumb motherfucker, quit pretending you know things.

I'm really in awe of the fact that Dowd isn't a little bit concerned given that so much of what Trump might do to fuck the country over will effect everyone. If that manchild drags us into World War III, the professional courtier class isn't going to be safe from the consequences. Look, numbnuts, you might think that you're sitting pretty in the Centrist Jade Palace floating twenty leagues above our heads, but in reality you are still on Earth in the United States with the rest of us filthy opinion-havers. Even your paymasters don't give a shit what happens to you - you could die tonight, they'd just fish another hack pundit out of storage and tomorrow would proceed as normal.

Neo Tuxedo said...

If that manchild drags us into World War III, the professional courtier class isn't going to be safe from the consequences.

When you are crawling through radioactive rubble with your fingers falling off, it can be difficult to remember that your initial objective was to make America great again.

Robt said...

Dowd employs the slippery slope to the memory hole.

reconstructing history and having it accepted in the hearts and inds requires the prepared mind and the hateful hearts to be able to reject reality for the next serving of conservatism's enemas. It is so much easier if they submit by dropping their own pants and bending over on their own than allowing them the glimpse of self realization of who and what is stuffing what in their orifices. Unable to seize self awareness that is their orifices being stuffed.
Living the illusion that it is "those others" that are getting rammed is as euphoric as it can get and addictive. Until it it arrives on their doorstep.

And Both siderism bridges the span to blaming others.

I think it is past due. That you address the MSNBC "11th Hour". extravaganza. Because it possesses the ingredients of almost every FOX show. in my Chef Bor Dar Dee opinion.

I will say this, if Dowdy feels so passionate about moving on and worshipping the Donald and casting off the evil spirits of Bill Clinton et Al.
Where and when can I expect Dowdy and alike to decry the everlasting "the world according to Newt", The old Heritage Foundation or the ancient NRA to fake away?
And Dowdy doesn't seem to point to the wealthy owners of America that uses that wealth to dictate these characters and issues.
Is it not conservatism that ideologically demands the ghost of Reagan's past must live on?

What good is it for the SCOTUS to ever indulge in what those old farts some call, the Founding Fathers? Can't we just let go and get on with it?
--It seems he only cares to want history to include what he wants it to and speech is not for everyone.