Monday, April 03, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: The Los Angeles Times

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My apologies.

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I was laughing so hard at the "Nobody could have predicted Trump would be a clusterfuck" fairy tale the L.A. Times' was trying to sell its readers that I neglected to properly fustigate the cretins who cobbled it together for the steaming load of Both Siderism that they dropped into Part II of this hot mess (h/t Alert Reader BilliardLentil)

From the L.A. Times (with emphasis added):
In the months ahead, Trump will bring his embrace of alternative facts on the nation’s behalf into talks with China, North Korea or any number of powers with interests counter to ours and that constitute an existential threat. At home, Trump now becomes the embodiment of the populist notion (with roots planted at least as deeply in the Left as the Right) that verifiable truth is merely a concept invented by fusty intellectuals, and that popular leaders can provide some equally valid substitute. We’ve seen people like that before, and we have a name for them: demagogues.
I just never fucking stops with these people.

Which is why we can never stop.


Robt said...

For the Christian,
Was there alternative facts between Jesus and Herod?

Was it the Gorsuch ancestor who clerked for Herod that swayed the decision?

There are some wholesome righteous superior people that say the sun rises in the east.
Then there are those of evil liberal intentions that want you to believe that as the Earth rotates on it's axis. The sun is always risen and appears to rise from darkness because to that rotating spin.

That the stars only come out at night in absence of the sun. Yet the sun and the stars exist simultaneously always.
This leaves individual basic eye perception vs further study of the reoccurring issue.
Where the divide of reality of things of this nature is debated is from those who make their judgement on the basic observation and make their judgement and those that take in depth research to further understand what other information gathered to best influence a judgement.

I have been monitoring the Gorsuch folly support by the Republicans and their newes latest alterntive facts from obstructing Garland to now accusing the Gorsuch opposition of who and what the GOP imposed on America.

They site Biden verbal in a moment thought, tweek it, then explain how it is some sort of passed legislation or a prescient Biden set in stone as a senate rule (that never was) and never applied.
Hearing McConnell defend his vulgar irresponsible leadership in not even giving the Garland a hearing as,
"If the tables were turned when Garland was nominated. He Turtle man) "magically seen in a crystal ball and that was verified by calling one of those 900 number psychics.
"that the Democrats would have did the same thing".
See, McConnell says he is doing it because he "believes" (fact free), that the Dems would have. So therefore he does it.
Eli Wallach....! Abbra cadaver. Both sides do it.

jim said...

It was indeed invented by fusty intellectuals.
As was Germ Theory.

How you describe or explain verifiable truth is secondary to the need to give it primacy of influence in thought OR to subject it to rational critique, scrutiny & re-testing.

Those also are the exact places where political Left-Right symmetry evaporates like pixie-dust.