Friday, April 21, 2017

And When Sully Saw The Breadth of Conservatism's Failure, He Wept...

...for there were no more Liberals to scapegoat.

Ha!  Just kidding.

There are always more Terrible Liberal Conspiracies that someone out there will pay some superannuated True Conservative pedant to whinge about.

But it is a signal event in history of the Collapse of Conservative Public Intellectualizin' when both David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan (who is not a blogger anymore so shaddap!) scurry right past the whole Conservative Beverly-Hillbillies-Meets-Gremlins hellscape that is the maladministration of President Stupid... glom onto exactly the same Liberal Crime Against Civilization on exactly the same day.

First (as I have already written about extensively today) we find Mr. David Brooks of  The New York Times blaming a small handful of college campus ruffians who yell mean things at speakers for single-handedly causing the Rise of Trump and the Fall of Western civilization .

You think I am kidding you?

...On American campuses, fragile thugs who call themselves students shout down and abuse speakers on a weekly basis. To read Heather MacDonald’s account of being pilloried at Claremont McKenna College is to enter a world of chilling intolerance.

In America, the basic fabric of civic self-government seems to be eroding following the loss of faith in democratic ideals...
See how Mr. Brooks mashes up two things that don't have anything to do with each other in order to reverse-engineer the group he viscerally loathes above all others (Dirty Hippies) into the cause of the problem which vexes him most (President Stupid)?

But what makes this worthy of mention again today is Andrew Sullivan's devoting fully half of his entire blog post today (it's not a blog so just stop it!) to a self-indulgent, privilege-reeking screech on exactly the same, trivial subject:
I’m happy to say that, the week after Easter, the Free Speech Movement just rose from the dead! Yesterday afternoon, Berkeley reversed itself and decided, after all, that it would allow Ann Coulter (I know) to speak on campus...

You have to think about those left-wing students today, as so many of their successors focus not on opening up a space for free speech of any kind, but on policing it with ever more diligence. The Coulter Kampf followed the mob attack on Charles Murray and his host, professor Allison Stanger, at Middlebury College, who is still in physical therapy for the concussion she suffered. It happened immediately after the successful sabotage of another talk scheduled to be given by Heather Mac Donald at Claremont McKenna College, in California, earlier this month. A student mob there did not gather to defend her right to speak, but rather to make sure she couldn’t.

The campus left, having once pioneered the idea of free speech, is now, sad to say, its most dedicated foe. And this is not some random student foolishness. It’s the logical consequence of an ideology actively taught and encouraged by faculty at elite colleges all over the country: that the power structures of a racist-sexist-ableist-queerphobic etc. society are so oppressive that non-p.c. speech is the equivalent of violence, and so must be shut down. The very existence of marginalized people is allegedly at stake.
He goes on and on like this because I suppose when the only tool you have is a pampered, cosseted life permanently walled up inside of the stale, forsaken Conservative intellectual bubble...

...every problem looks like a Dirty Hippie.

As for me, out here in the middle of Middle America where the likes of Brooks and Sullivan fear to tread, I'm just trying to keep body and soul together and keep the kids from being completely terrified that the president of the United States is a lying racist lunatic who gets his marching orders from Fox and Friends.  I'm a million miles away from the rarefied concerns and financial incentives of coddled Conservative Burke-offs and forelock-tuggers.  

Just a simple, everyday working stiff who feels about Ann Coulter very much as Joliet Jake and Elwood Blues felt about Illinois Nazis...


trgahan said...

Once again, I want someone with a large enough microphone to point out the Coulter/Milo/Etc. are being paid specifically to go to places like Berkley and pick fights with the student body so Brooks, Sullivan, et al. can write yet another essay on how Liberals are the real fascistic authoritarians.

Robt said...

maybe I am just old fashioned or maybe it might be what my father had to endure during WWII, Purple Hearts and all.
Perhaps that influence causes me to yearn for the old days of opposing NAZIs.

I have never met an Illinois NAZI If they are anything like other NAZIs. I imagine my father (I knew little) would surface from within his son.

Are Illinois NAZIs any different from Texan or Jamaican NAZIs? Neo NAZId? White blue-eyed blonde nationalists? KKK members? Are there differences of NAZIs in the (at least) one third of the republican party?
NAZI were very fascist. It seems the Commie is not in the GOP lexicon since Trump.
No one liked Commies. But commie invoked Russia/ Putin. Not even n the FOX do you hear them calling liberals+ "Commie" anymore.
Thanks Donald......

Jimbo said...

I had totally forgotten about that wonderful scene.

Ok, I don't approve of outright bans on conservatives speaking on campuses but please put them in an Oxford debate situation where they have to defend their views against their intellectual opponents. Ann "Skeletor" Coulter is a flame-throwing troll, not an intellectual and should definitely be required to defend her views. I don't know who Heather McDonald (other than someone with evident Scottish ancestry). But Murray and his partner should have been accommodated but made to defend their views. This crap about just letting people blab about their controversial books without any discussion shouldn't be a part of any college talks. TED style talks on technology or art or literature, etc. are fine for the lecture only format.

I have a daughter of color in college. She's in a place that is diverse and inclusive but the Madness of King Donald has had a real poisoning atmosphere all over the country. Those old farts Brooks and Sullivan deliberately pretend not to understand the current political context which is determinative.

dinthebeast said...

If there wasn't any other way to hear these fucks, that argument might have some merit. But last I checked, they are everywhere you look slinging their, as Molly would call it, vicious drivel.
Show up here with the obvious intention of fucking with us, and we in the East Bay will honor our long tradition of fucking right back.

-Doug in Oakland

jim said...

Shorter Sully: This barbaric left-wing intolerance of intolerance is intolerable! A hugbox, a hugbox, my Magick Kingdom for a hugbox! (swoons)

Richard Garrett said...

OMG thank you. I've been going crazy trying to figure out who Jeff Sessions is.

He's Henry Gibson in this movie!

Yes! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I thought Kelly Anne was Skeletor.

They're all skeletor, to me.