Thursday, April 27, 2017

100 Days

Tom Waits Friday is taking a break this week.  Substituting will be Ms. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

See if you can guess why :-)
I had a man
Tell me things
Made me feel
Just like a queen
And I thought
He was the one
I would hold
Oh yes I did
But one day
I looked around
That old man
Was nowhere to be found
100 days for this heart to unfold

From New York Magazine:
The Failure of Trump’s First 100 Days Is a Win for America

This weekend marks the end of President Trump’s first 100 days — a chance to evaluate not only his progress (or lack thereof), but how the nation will change under a Trump administration. What are the early signs of the changes he’s brought to Washington, to our understanding of politics and political journalism, and to our sense of civic engagement?  
As someone is writing every ten minutes now, Trump’s first hundred days have been marked by no major achievements beyond the successful nomination of a Supreme Court justice. Every other attempt to do something big has been shot down by a Republican-controlled Congress or the courts. Even by his own campaign yardstick his administration is thus far a failure. While the White House busily promotes the sheer number of executive orders the president has signed since January 20, a Washington Post fact-checker found that of the 60 promises candidate Trump made in his self-proclaimed “contract” with Americans, he has kept five, broken five, and taken no action on 34 others. In other words, that “contract” has roughly the same value as a diploma from Trump University: It’s a scam designed to bamboozle a credulous public while he and his family pick its pockets. Kleptocracy — surfacing everywhere from State Department web sites tasked with promoting Mar-a-lago to a tax proposal that benefits Trumps and Kushners ├╝ber alles — remains the only consistent ideology at this White House...


Karen Crosby said...


Karen Crosby said...


trgahan said...

and the most important detail of all is that 84% of Republican voters...LOVE him for it.

Trump is the symptom, not the disease.

Going forward, Republics will only give us more Trumps and mirco-Trump's in elected offices. The get-away-car-driving fourth estate will continue to fetishize these Republican voters while simultaneously "disappearing" 68+ million American citizens from the public square.

Robt said...

At this point, as long as Trump is golfing racking up holes in the debt.

He is doing less damage.
Besides, it is rumor that Trump does not take the nuclear football with him out of the course. So when he decides he is going to fire off some nukes. He will have to leave the course to get to the nuke football.
Which provides time for him to be distracted and tweet off a blame Obama rant or allow the lapse of time that he forgets what he was about to nuke.

As one who leans atheist. I thank God he is forgetful and that he came to the admission that it is just so hard.
He thought if a black dude can be president, how hard can it be??????????????

Anonymous said...

Ah, how like the Media to just forget the FCC exists and that Trump's Goon and long time Verizon Rep Ajit Pai, has been taking the hammer to everything that can be remotely considered reasonable or pro-consumer.

Your days are numbered Driftglass, because all blogs to the left of Breitbart are going to be extinguished not long after Pai kills Net Neutrality with his pulling of Title II classification of ISP's.

And then we are going to only have the voices of "The Media" to tell us what is going on once again.