Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Turns Out They Ran After All

Ran straight into the arms of an unhinged, Day-Glo demagogue.

Ran like children.

Ran like stampeded, unthinking beasts because having a black president for eight years had finally killed what little humanity was left in their tiny, rage-drunk brains.

Every swaggering Twitter asshole with a screaming eagle holding an M16 rampant on an America flag who lurves!lurves!lurves! the NRA and Trump.  Every fake Christian "mother and patriot" who has no fucking clue what any of those words actually mean.  Every dilettante purity angel.   Every meatbag who gobbled up Fox and Limbaugh and Breitbart dumpster "news" with both hands.  Every Beltway human bed-sore who played Both Siderist Russian Roulette with the rest of our lives because they never thought the gun was really loaded.

All of them ran and ran and ran as fast as their little legs would carry them.  They ran away from the most fundamental responsibility of any informed citizen in a democracy.  They failed at "Being an American" in the most depraved and tragic way imaginable because they were too racist or too stupid or just didn't fucking care because none of this was going to affect them either way.

They ran like cowards.

And once again it falls to us to clean up the disaster they have made.


D. said...

Hmmmmm...the red ran (or, if one prefers, faded). The blue is still there.

Not that I put trust in dye, of course.

dinthebeast said...

Every damn time.

-Doug in Oakland

rick mcginn said...

Spot on . Thank-you .

stratocruiser said...

Newscasters used to talk about the tribal regions of Afghanistan, where tribe was more important than country. You know, like the Deep South and Western Plains in America.

Neo Tuxedo said...

@stratocruiser: compare and contrast Kashistan.

Greg said...

Unfortunately, after we fix their crap, they'll come running back to fuck up the next thing.

Tom Shefchik said...

Hello driftie, long time admirer here. I'm reading Cicero's Disputations. His philosophy leads me to state that the republican mind is basically insane.

He says that opposite of honor (integrity: an ordered mind) are fear, hatred, envy, selfishness, and other vices. So opposite wisdom (honor) are anger, bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, lying, greed: a disordered mind and hallmarks of republicanism, talk radio, and many religions (anger and envy manifest as liberty for them, but not for those who want things other than what they find moral.)

Likewise the NRA: fear, paranoia, hatred, lying: liberty for white gun owners but not for those of color.

On insanity he sounds like he knows Don the Con: rash, impulsive, gaudy, selfish, compulsive liar, etc. etc,

I have lots more thoughts. Email me at tomshefchik@gmail.com if you would like to hear more. Hippies are empathetic, love the world and world travel, kumbaya, etc. Republicans are not honorable (they are are "not themselves", they are "out of their minds".)

BW said...

Yeah, I feel it. Thanks to you and Blue Gal for getting me and who knows how many others through the emotional knothole of the past (how many has it been?) multiple years.