Friday, March 24, 2017

There Is No "C" In "Loser"

From the Washington Post (with emphasis added):
“The beauty,” Trump continued, “is that they own Obamacare. So when it explodes, they come to us, and we make one beautiful deal for the people.”

My question for the president: Are you really willing to wait to reengage on health care until the Democrats come and ask for your help?

“Sure,” Trump said. “I never said I was going to repeal and replace in the first 61 days” — contradicting his own statements and that of his own adviser, Kellyanne Conway, who told CNN in November that the then-president-elect was contemplating convening a special session on Inauguration Day to begin the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act...
And, for good measure...

A pathetic and pathological liar to the end.


dinthebeast said...

The level of fail here is both staggering and completely predictable. One has to wonder how these MAGAts manage to dress or wipe themselves.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Repealing ObamaCare on day one of making America Great Again.
---------60 days later
Commander in chief Elmer Fudd, blames the wascally Democratic Wabbits, Again.

The master supremacist race in the House of Representatives with a 44 majority advantage?

Then The cheeat-o bandito could not hold his thought for a midnight tweet. he said, " I will let the ACA implode until it explodes. Then the Democrats will grovel to my feet for help to do health care".

(he is still making friends on capital hill) you see.

But making the attempt for Democrats to work on health care and make compromise with the "Free-Dumb Cockus". Brings back to mind when the press was telling Obama to have a drink with Mitch McConnell. Until the press grid iron dinner where Obama brought it to an end. While on stage doing comedy, Obama bring it up and punch lines it with, "you have a drink with Mitch McConnell".

In a scenario where I had to choose between trying to develop the most ideal health care plan or having sex with Phyllis Diller's corpse.

A very tough decision indeed. I would have to get pretty damned stoned before I chose.

In all seriousness. The need to reinstate the High risk corridor negotiated funding to insurance companies for picking up the most ill among us with the "no pre conditions" Thank Sen Rubio for that defending to make prices to go up and Insurance Companies wanting to withdraw. But that is why the GOP voted the defend amendment in a budget bill. S For their negative talking points. No matter who gets harmed.
They can add the Medicare buy in option as well. You know, to cause the private market to compete.!

There is only one place I can think of whre a FREE MARKET health care system exists.

-Somalia.! Where there is so much Free-Dumb they do not even have all those unnecessary constitutional amendments. Let alone a constitution. That's how free they are.
I mean we are talking real Free-Dumb. It is a place you can go and live out your childhood dreams of being a pirate.

Thats is how free it is......................

June Butler said...

"A pathetic and pathological liar to the end."

I wish the end was in sight.

Anonymous said...

He's an asshole with teeth.

Anonymous said...

He's an asshole with teeth.

justsomeguy05 said...

What the Dems should do is propose a simple plan to reduce prescription drug costs.
Do NOT get into the overall healthcare mess until trump ASKS for help.

Item 1 : Allow medicare to NEGOTIATE drug prices. Trump will love that.
Add 2 or 3 more SIMPLE changes. Put them in bullet points. (Perhaps EPIPEN and a few other scandals could be addressed).

Highlight that Dems want to help Trump make good on his promise to lower drug costs.
Trump will love it.
Bannon, Ryan etc will hate it.

Robt said...

The GOP is so well funded to make themselves master campaigners. As well as orchestrating election leveraging as Voter repressions. They have their propaganda to convert people to think they can live like a billionaire and not need any government at all. And And If the poor southern white man fights for the South Civil war victory. One day they all can be wealthy elite plantation owners with slaves.
So great marketing in election campaigning. It is just that when you hate government like that, once you control i, you can only govern with disdain and hate for it.
I think it is a key element of the conservatism ideology.

I mean, Charles and David Koch have no difficulties purchasing a health insurance plan completely on their own. It is hard to understand why everyone else in the country have such poor butlers to purchase a health insurance plan for them/

Pull yourself up by your inheritance for sniveling s sake people!

justsomeguy05 said...----Decent points to improve on. I 2nd the motion.

trgahan said...

I am sure there are 30 million Americans are saying "Hell Yeah!" to the words of their glorious leader while internally grateful as they glance the calendar showing next week's doctor appointment next to bottle of their child's medication paid for be Medicaid.

Robt said...

I think it is worth noting the failed reality of conservatism and libertarian ism when it has to manifest itself into actual legislation.

Highlighted is the full ignoring that the legislation in this case, "health care" has nothing to do with health care regarding Americans. Oh, perhaps a specific few. Like Congresses own tax payer funded health care was untouched.
Preserved for themselves.
For any conservative/ GOP In congress that wants small un intrusive Gov't and Gov't out of the way. They pulled this repeal off with keeping their own socialized tax payer health care so quietly in place.
But the changes they meant for you and me was very different.

Why do GOP congress critters accept health care, pension, travel pay and not even cut their pay?
There is no awareness of shame that they themselves are on the socialized dole?

RUKidding said...

I listen to NPR less and less these days, as they love to cherry-pick who they have on. For example, last night they had known criminal Tom DeLay on to spout off about how "health care" was not a right but a responsibility. Of course, they had someone else from the D side present an opposing viewpoint, but seriously?? Known criminal DeLay is going to lecture us about our "responsibilities"???

Then today, they had some "random" (yeah, right) Trump voters to voice their vaunted opinions about the debacle over TrumpCare. To a person, they all rushed to defend the Republican politicans as well as Trump. One woman actually opined as to how the Republican pols were just "getting their feet on the ground and needed time to coordinate amoungst themselves" to do all sorts of "great things." I mean, these azzhats had 7 long frickin years to come up with a carefully crafted plan for replacing ACA, but they had NOTHING, zip, nada when Trump was elected. But the voters find a way to ignore inconvenient facts once again.

Yet another of the "random" Trump voters pretty much parrotted known criminal DeLay's b.s. about how "health care" is not a constitutional right, and there really shouldn't be ANY gubmint health care at all (until, I'm sure, that idiot turns 65).

And so forth. I would have preferred a more honest cross-section that included some Trump voters who were hopping mad at this POS travesty and, as a consequence, did not want ACA repealed UNLESS they had something better on offer. "Better" in this case meaning something that benefits the proles, not the billionaires.

But dishonest NPR somehow couldn't find those "random" Trump voters who were pissed off about this POS (and we know they existed bc of the Town Halls, which included Trump voters who were angry), so we didn't get to hear how they felt.

But: Both Sides!!!!! Both Sides!!!!

I am delighted to witness the squirming of the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver and hope his days are numbered, but I doubt that this travesty will harm Trump much amongst his most fervid of fans. It will take a LOT more than this to make them realize that Trump's just not that into them.

Trump will, meanwhile, tweet and bluster, and most of his fanatical fans will still clap and cheer for him. It's the way they are.

June Butler said...

RUKidding, I stopped paying attention to NPR when they hired the Fox guy, Juan Williams, some years ago. Williams was the last straw.

I don't know if Ryan will step down. He didn't want the job, and perhaps no one else wants the job of leading the unruly GOP gang. Boehner is sitting back sipping his drink, watching the circus, and rejoicing that he got the hell out when he did.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

I was thinking the same thing about Boehner yesterday. I can picture him sitting on a deck with his feet up on a little table, lighting up a smoke as he sets down a glass of scotch, smooths his hair a bit, and hums zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-a. I'll give the dude credit, he know when to bail.

Dr.BDH said...

Pathological liars don't believe their lies, they believe you will believe them.

RUKidding said...

@June - oh I totally agree with you and rarely listen to NPR "nooz" anymore. Mostly listen to the classical/jazz station and on Sat my local station has a great great blues program all afternoon. But I do dip my toes in the "nooz" portion periodically just to see what propaganda they're shilling at any given time. When DeLay came on Sat evening, I heard his first 2 sentences about "responsibilities" and turned it off before my blood pressure shot through the ceiling.

It's good to have an idea, though, of the propaganda they're using to manipulate us rubes.

I agree with you and Pablo re Boehner. He must be one seriously happy dude as he chugs his whiskey & smoke smoke smokes that cigarette. I, too, give him props for bailing at the perfect moment.

June Butler said...

Yes. The music is still good till Trump takes that away.

RUKidding said...

Indeed. If Trump has his way, we'll lose - for realz - some of the last remaining decent things that our taxes "buy" for us in this messed up country. That includes funding for Medicare (which we are paying for directly), the NIH, the NEA, funding for IMLA (libraries and museums), funding for NPR (as messed up and rightwing as it is, there are still some decent shows on it), Planned Parenthood, etc. The list goes on. And the sum total of all of these programs, other than Medicare, comes out to something like less than 1% or at most 2% of the overall fed budget.

But: gotta have MOAR monies for the Military (because Obummer "weakened" it, which means that Trump will make sure he gets his cut off the top), and MOAR tax cuts for super gazillionaires, including Trump and his businesses.

Just makes my blood boil.