Friday, March 31, 2017

President "Never Settle" Just Settled Out-of-Court for $1.4B Rubles

From NPR:
Judge Approves $25 Million Settlement Of Trump University Lawsuit

A federal judge has approved a $25 million settlement deal between President Trump and students who paid for Trump University real estate seminars, bringing lengthy litigation to a close.

The deal, which calls for Trump to reimburse the students who say they were defrauded, was struck in November but needed approval from U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel. He signed off on the settlement Friday in San Diego.

Trump doesn't admit any wrongdoing under the terms of the settlement.

You may recall that on the campaign trail, Trump accused Curiel of being biased because he is "Mexican." That claim was false — Curiel was born in Indiana — and even House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged that it was "sort of like the textbook definition of racism."...

$25 million dollars to keep his flabby orange ass off of the witness stand where as a defendant he would be compelled to do what he has never been require to do as president:  answer unpleasant questions about the damage his lies and frauds have done to the lives of ordinary people whose only mistake was trusting The Liar of Gothos.

If a Democrat had committed a scandal a fraction of this size, a torch-lit mob of GOP goons would have put a ring of tanks around the White House by now and demanded his or her immediate and unconditional surrender.

But since it's a Republican buying his way out of being held responsible for screwing working-class Americans out of their money and their hope, the Pig People will just yawn and snivel and cope with this latest example of Republican depravity the way they always do...


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steeve said...

He doesn't even have the money. They won't get the money. The payment will probably be "delayed" 40 years or so Bundy-style, unless he can scrape the bottom of his "charity" foundation.