Friday, March 24, 2017

Pre-Disastering The We-Hate-Obama Bill

All day long these clowns will be burning through what little political capital they have trying to pass a monstrously evil piece-of-shit bill. A monstrously evil piece-of-shit bill, being rammed through solely because the Party of Jefferson Davis and The Bastard President are so frantic to eradicate any trace of the Black President that they will their sacrifice the lives of their own base so they can go Full Sethi:
Let the name of Obama be stricken from every book and tablet, stricken from all pylons and obelisks, stricken from every monument of Egypt. Let the name of Obama be unheard and unspoken, erased from the memory of men for all time.
A monstrously evil piece-of-shit bill that virtually no one but the House Hobgoblin Caucus actually delights in (from Brother Charlie Pierce):
The important thing to remember is that almost everyone in the House majority is motivated by an ideological commitment bordering on a religious fervor that the involvement of government in things like health insurance is fundamentally illegitimate. That isn't going to change no matter what happens in Congress on Friday, and the idea of the United States joining the rest of the industrialized world in offering most of its citizens a decent, uncomplicated healthcare system will continue to be in peril until that faith is abandoned. Nobody involved in this debate is good enough to make that happen.
A monstrously evil piece-of-shit bill that violates every single solemn promise The Bastard President made to his supporters.
"We’re going to have great health care at a fraction of the cost, and you watch. It’ll happen.” -- Il Douche, October 2016

Note: Right now my congressman, Rodney Davis, is on the teevee machine lying rather promiscuously to his constituents about all the wonderful things that will happen with health care under The Bastard President one of these fine days. How costs will come down. How 51 million Americans who are still uninsured or underinsured will all be taken care of. How Trump will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death' or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things will have passed away.

Of course, golly, none of this will happen now. (Or soon. Or ever.)  Now the Republican congress needs to toe the fucking party line and help Rodney Davis pass this monstrously evil piece-of-shit bill because Davis is now fully a creature of The Bastard President.

Yes, we have called.

Yes, Davis' lines are all busy.

No, I do not believe they are busy because of all the "Attaboys!" flooding in from the good people of the Illinois 13th thanking Davis for working so hard to fuck them over on behalf of Il Douche.  


Jimbo said...

My guess the lines are "busy" because Davis disconnected the phone lines out of desperation.

bowtiejack said...

I beg your pardon!
". . . monstrously evil piece-of-shit bill ?"
Are you aware that 17% of voters support this bill?
And that probably includes the 1% of any large group who are psychopaths and their 5-10% confrere sociopaths.
So there!

bowtiejack said...

And another thing.
If anyone doubts that this is the will of the people on the march, they should just read them some Gustav Le Bon or Charles Mackay. (Trump? Reality show celebrity? Nothing is ever really new.)

ervin williams said...

Damn it's good to be Canadian.

sligowoman said...


sligowoman said...

I called the local office because my Rep French Hill DC office phone was busy . Local office took my details and said " we will let him know you called ''

I think the calling matters a lot , they want an excuse to vote NO ....

Robt said...

There is this guy that tweets all the time and is on the TV everywhere. Always points out that Trump never fails. He always wins. Even in bankruptcy he is such the greatest businessman winning.

Don't know how he can lose if his healthcare tax cut bill doesn't pass. I mean, he is not speaker of the House? He wasn't even allowed to vote on it.

So class,
Today in science *for you science deniers as well). we are going to,

*Observe- an occurring action under the rules of gravity.

* Document the occurrence in detail, notating all the effects.

* consider the natural flow of gravity in its purest environment.

*We will then summarize each step of the way in which gravity drops and changes hands. Notate the elapsed time frames to take effect.

*How it influences each human being it comes in contact with.

*Consider the altitude gravity initiates itself and at what depth can it descend to where it's force has no more pull to drop.

Special note to class,
It is preordained and well documented if this Bill passes what the force of gravitates direction changes. And these direction changes alter the effected outcome demonstrably severe to the those in its new path.

Grading on this will be via the laffer Curve.

dinthebeast said...

This thing is such a fraud. This is not a "healthcare" bill. This cannot be a "healthcare" bill, as a "healthcare" bill cannot be passed under reconciliation as this bill is designed from its core to do. Nope, this fraud is a "budgetary" (read that "tax cut") bill.
There does not exist enough CYA in the universe to cover this much ass.

-Doug in Oakland

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

We here have two items to report.
Firstly: My congressman, Paul Tonko, hates this shit and will vote a loud no.
Secondly: Regarding Garp, I bought a house that had been the victim of an arson fire with that very movie clip in mind. So far so good.

Mr XD said...

Called my Idaho so called *REP* several times this past week and got some bland Mormon sounding kid assuring me he'd get my message. When I saw on the intertoobz this morning that said rep, Mike Simpson, was voting for this catastrophe because he was an "ally" of Paul Ryan, I was inspired to call one more time. This time I only got a machine-I hope it's cause his lines were jammed. My remarks were to the point but civil. If I was a real cowboy I'd have said "You can both eat shit and die for all I care". Maybe next time~

RUKidding said...

You guys are looking at this all gnorw. When the Rs go to "improve" so-called "Health" Insurance, this IS the desired outcome. What did the Rs - under the Zombie-eyed Granny Starver - do? Why they made d*mn good and sure that what they were offering:

1. Provided a Yuuuuuuuuge Tax Cut to Mega Billionaires first and foremost
2. Cut trivial unneccessary benefits and procedures for worthless chattel wimmin 'n kidz secondarily
3. Overall provided less coverage because FreeDumb
4. Gouged the shite outta the 99% for it.

In conservaworld, that's called one Yuuuuuuge WIN!

IOW, it's opposite world to what the rest of us live in, but didn't you notice all of those Old White Men doing their W Bush sniggering Frat Rat shuffle snapping and snarling about how THEY certainly didn't need no mamograms (except when they get breast cancer), nor do THEY personally need maternity and neo-natal care, and they certainly don't need coverage for other icky icky wimmin 'n kidz stuff. Let 'em rot and die! As long as they got coverage for cialis, penis pumps and prostate cancer, it's all good all the time.

Get with the program, wouldja??

Brother, what a buncha rotten creepy sh*theads they are.

I don't get Republican female voters At. All.

'Ave a good weekend, y'all.

And here's the obligatory: Thanks, Obama!

dinthebeast said...

Paul Krugman‏Verified account @paulkrugman Mar 24

Deep thought: OMG. Maybe they misread my colleague David Brooks -- you're supposed to seek humility, not humiliation

-Doug in Oakland