Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Turns Out Jeff Gannon Wasn't a Monster

He was just ahead of the curve.

You may remember Jeff Gannon from such years as "2004" and "2005".  However even if you were alive and aware at the time, you may not have heard about HotMilitaryStudGate because during those ancient times, talking about Bush Administration fiascoes (and there were many of them)  which brought so much simultaneous shame to so many of Washington D.C.'s  most sacred institutions (in this case, the executive branch, the press corps and male prostitutes) was a clear violation of the most sacred Law of the Beltway.  And I quote:
IT shalt beest consid'r'd a most grievous offense 'gainst the good and valorous order of the Beltway Media to rep'rt on the true and actual scandals, war crimes and acts of treason committ'd by the Bush White House for 9/11 hath changed ev'rything
So unless you were reading such cultural outlaws as the Liberal blogs (yay!). MSNBC (pre-Comcast, pre-Phil Griffin) or Comedy Central this amazing story may well have zipped right by you.  So it is my pleasure to direct you to a little of the vintage 2006 from my own cellar:
...for those of you who have gotten your media lobotomies freshly detailed and have no recollection whatever of Gannon, or Scott McClellan, or what you had for dinner eleven minute ago, this summary of L’Affaire Gannon by Susie Bright was one of the more exquisitely written on the Web.
"Aggressive Verbal Dominant Top" Seeks Submissive Male Who Can Reinstate White House Press Pass”

Today I read a new interview with James Guckert, the gay S/M hooker who changed his name to the more butch “Jeff Gannon,” and posed as a journalist in the White House Press Corps, “reporting” for a fake news site. That rascal!

Gannon got hand-fed by the Bushies like he was their very own pet peacock. One day, some of Jeff's colleagues in the press box finally crawled out of their slumber and said, “Whoa, he's weird— Who is this dude?”

If I sound disdainful of how the mainstream media is handling Jeff’s expose, perhaps I’m just fed up with being bewildered.

It’s been a good month since anyone with a browser and a minute to spare has been able to see pictures of Gannon’s shaved erection on his live out-call web ad.

But on Sunday the New York Times, continuing the curious timidity of every other paper of record, played down this man’s true identity once again! In the NYT magazine interview, Deborah Solomon wrote that Gannon “apparently earned [his] living running a gay escort service.”

Apparently? Used to? This is the man’s entire past, present, and future!

As for “running a service,” where’s the reception desk? Are we supposed to infer that Gannon fills out employee time cards like the Mayflower Madam? No sirree— Jeff Gannon has been a one-man hot military beat-your-ass stud, and the only thing he runs is a carefully honed sales pitch. He is one discrete, butch, jarhead whore— and the only thing that is “apparent” is that he is one of the best, according to his customer reviews.

When I talk to my friends, I find that many don't know who Guckert is. Sometimes they've heard that some weirdo infiltrated the White House Press Corps by mistake. Maybe they heard he was right wing, or that he entertained Scott McClellan with sycophant questions that bordered on, "Why is George Bush the greatest president who ever lived?”

But so what? — Isn’t it just more of the same? Are we expected to get outraged over every Red State cheerleader?

If you’ve also heard that Gannon is gay, you probably know that he has written anti-gay marriage material, and smeared John Kerry for trying to be a “gay president.” Hmm... so he’s a self-hating pathological mutant. We’ve become so accustomed to it— yawn. Or maybe we’re just numb since Janet waved her nipple at us. Gosh, the press devoted so much attention to that sex scandal, they’d surely go apeshit if Gay Nazis took over the White House, wouldn't they?
Which more example of why I read Ms. Susie Bright.
That was the story of Jeff Gannon/James Guckert, intrepid Bush Bottom.

This is a guy named Kieth Something-or-other who used to work at MSNBC before they became the Squint and the Meat Puppet and Friends network explaining what Mr. Gannon's role was in the Bush White House press corp (hint: it's the sort of service for which James "HotDilatoryStud" Guckert would have charged you extra):

And this is a guy named Bill Maher who used to be on Comedy Central wondering out loud why no one was covering this fucking amazing story:

So why revisit this 12 years later?

Because back in 2005, the idea that a sleazy, conspiracy-drunk wingnut fake-reporter had wormed his way into the White House press corps and, for two years, had been acting as a verbal cum dumpster for a disastrously fucked-up Republican administration was so deeply transgressive and disgraceful in the eyes of Washington D.C.'s aforementioned sacred institutions (Preznit, the Beltway steno pool and male hookers) that everyone just...sorta...looked the other way.

And 12 years later, a practice that was so shocking in 2005 that it literally killed the team of matched Percherons that Andrea Mitchell used to use to get haul the mortal remains of Alan Greenspan to various cocktail parties around the nation's capitol... about to become just another day at the office for White House press corps under administration of The Bastard President.

Letting Infowars into the White House would provide the Trump administration an ally -- if a volatile one -- in the press room, one it could count on not to push stories damaging to the president. Jones himself has indicatedthat this is part of the plan, saying yesterday that “just by being there” in the White House they would be able to move news organizations that publish mainstream news stories “out of the way."
If Jones and Corsi are right and Infowars is on the verge of receiving White House credentials, we will have seen the next step in press secretary Sean Spicer’s effort to flood the press briefings with sycophants and pro-Trump propagandists. Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette,, One America News Network, and Newsmax have all had opportunities to ask questions last week.
In the video in which he first suggested a White House press credential was imminent, Jones stood with other Trump media allies like Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity in calling for delegitimizing and diminishing the access of critical news outlets in order to make room for journalists who support the Trump line. “What’s CNN doing in the front row, when Spicer keeps going to them?” Jones asked. “You should see Breitbart and Drudge, and also just reporters that are known to tell the truth from mainstream, whatever, promoted and put up to the front of those briefings, to bring up real questions, not just a battle where they're just attacking with fricking lies.”
Trump wants an army of Jeff Gannons in the White House press room. That team is starting to assemble.
If they want to survive, our Fourth Estate better figure out hurry-up-quick who is actually on the side of a free and fair press, and who want's to make them a side-dish.


Jimbo said...

At this point, at least some of the old print media is beginning to realize they are in a real media war with the Trump Administration. As our first "Businessman" Administration, Trump's all about PR and relentless bullshit about him. Relentless marketing. The ridiculous InfoWars is just a tool for Trump in his "alternative" facts, news and narrative PR campaign (It's beautiful, amazing in his childish language). The man is simultaneously a narcissistic fantasist and an utter cynic as is his twin Bannon.

WaPo has become "woke", NYT is a work in progress. The TV media is mostly hopeless (except NPR/PBS) and apparently CNN has been excommunicated (call me skeptical). The online media, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, well that's a total different universe. However, the hardcore Trumper voters are not just not really online.

Ian said...

I hope they don't realize what is coming for them.

eddie blake said...

wow. i guess if they roll over, they get better rates.

dinthebeast said...

From Princess Sparkle Pony:
"What's worse than hate mail from Jeff Gannon? Love mail."

-Doug in Oakland

Randle Aubrey said...

I just wanna point out real quick the Dana Milbanks called Fox News a 'legitimate news organization.'

Carry on.

Randle Aubrey said...

I just want to point out real quick that Dana Milbank called Fox News a 'legitimate' news organization.

Carry on.

dinthebeast said...

The White House is denying they offered Jones a pass. They were most likely trolling. They seem to like trolling quite a bit.

-Doug in Oakland

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Caught the "aggressive logging" questioner while at work yesterday and thought, "Wow, not only did they return Jeff Gannon, but they announced to everyone who he was."

Be seeing you.

wibble said...

Oh, you're gonna LOVE this: They've given JEROME CORSI WH Press credentials.

Robt said...

Jeff Gannon was the experimental prototype.
I recalled someone from the Bush Adm FOX corp during the time offering a statement of frustration with the press that perhaps they could teach the press Corps a lesson.

If you recall, Tony Snow was plucked from the FOX for Press Sec..

There a moment where FOX was extremely poking holes in the leather furniture and carving their "FOX" into the White House woodwork. Obama after a very long time finally considered addressing the FOX.
Every Network at the time came to the defense of the FOX.

Beck, Hannity Billo all had the first amendment right protection to propagandize fake news to Americans.

Gannon's purpose was obvious. But the press did focus more on his gayness. The religious right went out on a silent sabbatical instead of going apeshit on a crusade over religious infringement of the gay lifestyle on them.
Not a Christian right pastor to be found that would refuse to back a date cake for Gannon.
But right now, CNN is banned by Trumpp. Where are the networks now? You might think the FOX would be grateful for the backing they got against the Obama Adm nudging, even they would be aligning themselves with other networks is defense of the ban of CNN.
I recall there is supposed to be a law that the Gov't is not to propagandize its people. Not sure if they ever adhered to it fully. But it does elevate and recede with different Adm.

Where the Torture Report was released. such and outcry for transparency from our Gov't D and R's. But once the republicans took control Gov't teranic secrecy wasn't an issue and the GOP majority pulled back the disclosure of the Torture report.

One fellow repub co worker once asked me, "why in hell did the Dems release it?"

I replied, I recall you screaming about Government needs to be more transparent, you changed your mind?

he said, "but why should something like that be public knowledge for our enemies to see".
Which I said, Because I want to know what my Government does in my name. In the name of our country. No matter who the president's political leanings are toward.

In which he simple walked away !

It was obvious why this Righty was for transparency when Obama is president and not for it when a republican is president.

You only needed an AM radio receiver and tune in at any time during the day (or night) to get your conservative diet of values and principles . Daily.

This is in part where the Dems have forfeited much of their future existence.

I am not saying they should propagandize too. I am saying they need to communicate, listen and share issues to combat this audio intravenous fed programing into fascism.

trgahan said...

Our executive branch has truly become a Banana Republic Dictatorship, hasn't it?

I've been re-reading a lot of the works by Latin Americans from the 1950's through the 1980's as they indirectly teach how everyday people survive when the no-nothing, greedy, and lazy conservative oligarchy is given power by 1/3 of the population who is equally as lazy, greedy, stupid, and scared and, being too scared to admit that money DOES NOT equal capability, steer the country right off a cliff.

jim said...

Now now -- you sleepwalk into the shrieking meat-grinder of history with the incompetent henchmen you HAVE, not the incompetent henchmen you WISH you had!

keith gargus said...

Stenography can be done by a court reporter, if the press want's to be relevant in the era of Trump, they better get on the ball. He's on the record as considering the press the opposition, if you don't want to be left in the dust, investigate. The exec is a sieve right now, fuck the press room, beat his ass with the real story.
If I were a WH correspondent, I'd send an intern to record the event, with a nasty script of questions to ask if he/she actually was called on; then spend all my time in the hallways of the West Wing mining stories from malcontents and paranoid "players".