Friday, February 03, 2017

Today In Local Wingnut Welfare News...


Governor Hedgefund keeps expanding his political petting zoo.

From the State Journal-Register:
Gov. Rauner hires former Comptroller Munger as deputy governor

By Bernard Schoenburg
Political Writer

Gov. Bruce Rauner Friday named former state Comptroller Leslie Munger to a $135,000-a-year post as deputy governor - bringing to at least 29 people the Rauner administration has hired from the comptroller's office since Munger was defeated for election in November.

The combined annual salaries of people from Munger's office hired by the Rauner administration now tops $2 million.

Rauner said Munger, who lost the election to Democratic Comptroller Susana Mendoza, will focus on long-term budgeting and work with human-services organizations hit hard by the state budget impasse.

Rauner's office said Munger, a Lincolnshire Republican, will serve in addition to current Deputy Governor Trey Childress, and her salary is the same as what she was paid as comptroller...
Who the hell needs TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) when you have RAUNER (Revenue Augmentations and Upgrades for Not-Employed Republicans)?


Charlesdillon said...

I miss Dick Dailey. He at least left something for the people.

Unknown said...

So bloat in Rauner's office is A-OK, but we need to keep home healthcare aides to a strict 40 per week, no OT, those who need them can sleep the rest of the time. In diapers. With cans of ensure at hand.

bowtiejack said...

As much moralizing as the GOPers do, it's amazing how they have absolutely no sense of shame. It's a puzzlement.

Unknown said...

Shame is for the other guys. Republicans are trying to create a dynasty that will
endure occaisional Democrat administrations. Sort of like the mafia when some young idiot accidentally becomes the capo. They have to put up with it until the head guy can be taken care of, and a different reasonable capo can be installed.

Robt said...

You do realize that what your Gov is doing is a GOP billionaire class strategy in many of their declared red states.

Take Ricketts of Neb. He to sets foul afoot. Appoints the popsicle stick puppetry when and wherever he can.

spends his personal money on State legislators running for office. Personally hand picked by illegal paid crop pickers he employs

This is a concerted strategy in cahoots with other Governors to build their empires throne.

Unknown said...

Mark my words: these people will be the core of his presidential campaign operation when he goes after Trump (or Pence) in 2020.
- lifeat45rpm