Friday, February 10, 2017

The Only Thing Missing From Il Douche's Embarrassing Meeting Today...

...with Japanese Prime Minster Abe was running commentary by Raymond Burr:


Robt said...

Yes so much horror and devastation.

But there is hope. The GOP has an up and coming super rock star.

The rise of Mothra...............!

Dave McCarthy said...

Gotta love the eye roll on the Prime Minister

wibble said...

OT, but:

Hey look! Sully wrote something!

Batman 54 said...

wibble said...
OT, but:

Hey look! Sully wrote something!

He's getting better. It took him 6 years to catch on to W

stratocruiser said...

!. It seems to me that Godzilla has, in proportion to his body, very small hands.
2. Maybe everyone else will look at me like an idiot child for not thinking of this decades ago. but I was just thinking about whether Godzilla is a metaphor for the USA and the devastation we unleashed on Japan nine years prior to this movie.
3. Reserved for future expansion.

Jimbo said...

Abe's a very internationally experienced Japanese leader but the fact is that the Japanese don't traditionally greet each other with handshakes; they bow. So, this completely clownish endless handshake by our culturally clueless President explains the eye roll. Don't worry Shinzo, within a year you will be dealing with President Theocrat Dense instead. It's going to be a really looong four years people.

proverbialleadballoon said...

PM Abe with the "sheesh, what a chump" eyeroll. Japanese culture is very much about 'face', and Abe doesn't even bother to hide what he thinks about Trump. The American equivalent to his eyeroll would be something like pulling down his pants and sticking his ass straight in Trump's face. This Trump guy sure is a winner.

Robt said...

For the Betsy Devos continuing education charter schools of the GOP AM radio university. Where the Golden EIB microphone enabled the righteous who have been suppressed since the end of the Civil War.
Has enabled the the value of Fake news for the masses and facts for the elite.
But you will have to pay dearly for that fake news and the Betsys of the world end up finding themselves in the prominent position of the GOP ICON of Ayn Rand when she fell short in her economic prowess later in life. Where her values and principals got reassessed that she would use the sinful ill gotten life sustaining programs like Social Security.
But she was just down on her luck.
Betsy of course would never stoop so low if she lost her wealth.
As we are told often, God chose to make these folks wealthy and that wealth makes them superior in mind and intellect.
That is why Trump has merely to ask while on the phone to Russia over Salt Treaty, "hey, what is this salt thingy". His great superior intellect absorbs what he is briefly told and accepted.
If someone jokingly told him the SALT Treaty is about "low sodium intake". His superior intellect would immediately compute that it is a ridiculous treaty for a Government to involve itself in.

As Donald had to take back control of his Trump Organization for the brilliance of his superior children. It makes you wonder if this superiority is genetic or just comes with the bank account.