Friday, February 17, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #376

"Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action."  
-- Auric Goldfinger



Robt said...

I Starting to think Trump could sign an executive order to publically sacrifice a human being.

As long as that human was a Mexican, Muslim, liberal, Jew or a Cnn employee.

His inner pentagram circle of trusted loyalists will help him.

Speaker Ryan wil say he hasn't really paid attention nor heard or seen anything on the subject.

McConnell will call on all his Senate republicans to vote for it and vote now.

Habitat Vic said...

And should there be human sacrifice, the media will dutifully report it. As in a discussion panel split between pro-victim (bleeding heart, snowflake) liberals and pro-sacrifice (strong, photogenic, maybe token minority sellout) conservatives.

To justify, the conservatives will point to the numerous times Liberals have killed innocent Christian Conservates as tribute to Satan, so both sides. The liberal will object or try to bring up "facts." The moderator will interrupt with "we'll have to leave it there," and go to commercial.

BW said...

Hey, terrific graphic!

Jim From MN said...

About that order I put in for the khakis . . . a few adjustments might be in orf=der . . .

Richard Luken said...

Thanks for another valuable pod cast. On two occasions in this installment my OT (officious twit) function was activated.

Friends of mine who went to MIT would be upset that Driftglass attributed ELIZA to some other Cambridge university. From Wikipedia: "ELIZA is an early natural language processing computer program created from 1964 to 1966 at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory by Joseph Weizenbaum." [].

I'd also like to point out that, if Blue Gal is hoping to see signs of Republican redemption in Governor Kasich, i"m afraid that I must disabuse her.
As governor, Kasich is the top law enforcement official in Ohio. As such, one would think that he should oppose people who break Ohio law. Disregarding the duty of his office to uphold the law, he has instead written a letter as governor of Ohio to Lamar Alexander in support of Betsy DeVos' nomination to be Trump's Secretary of Education. [] Ms. DeVos was the leader of a PAC that broke Ohio law.*

Here is a link to the OP Ed by Mark Painter, a Republican who served as a judge here for 30 years, in which he calls for our congressman, Steve Chabot, to draw up articles of Impeachment:
He comes very close to going "full Driftglass." I think your listeners might be interested in reading what Judge Painter has to say.

I think there are some people who honestly only came to recognize what their party had become with the advent of Trump. Yes, it's hard to excuse their looking the other way through two terms of GWB, but it is difficult for anyone to abandon long held beliefs. I am glad to think that many of them here in Hamilton County are now aware: as evidence of this, more people here voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for Obama in '08 or '12. Not all of the difference is attributable to the GOTV efforts of my fellow Democrats.

* As readers who are interested in the facts surrounding of Ms. DeVos' contempt for Ohio law may find a detailed account of her behavior in the comment I made in response to Driftglass' post of Feb 7th: "Jill Stein Gets Drunk Off Of Matthew Dowd's Cork" [] I won't repeat the story here.

A wise man will desire no more than he may get lawfully,
use soberly, distribute cheerfully and leave con-tently
-- Benjamin Franklin

Robt said...

When Bush/ Cheney engulfed Americans in turmoil and the press reported with us or against us, Stand with the troops.

The mass confusion and the media's desperation for ratings helped the Wall Street magicians to perform their financial illusion on stage in front of us all.

I sense an sequel. Expect a sequel. predict a sequel. It will be greater than the original. With more actors in roles of our Government.

One of many magical tricks Bush pursued with fair success was he =is Judiciary massacres and replacements. Trump began his onslaught of the judiciary during his campaign.

With all the Judge Gorsuch ads running on the Tee Vee. You would think an ad for a SCOTUS would be politicizing the Court. That a Judge with such a nomination would not agree to run ads where the disclaimers are, "if you experience loss of freedoms", If you feel crotch pains as if Fascism is squeezing you by the crotch".
See your doctor and see him before we you no longer have health care.

dinthebeast said...

I will first admit that I understand the opportunity we as Democrats have right now to rebuild our party from the ground up in a more functional and robust fashion with a larger emphasis on state level races in the run up to the 2020 census. My actual feelings about the likelihood of that happening I will leave aside just now, in order to get to my actual thought:
You were absolutely right to point out that there is no longer anyone to turn to to sort out what's what in our discourse. So there aren't any high-ranking officials to clearly state that Ms. Sarandon's own policy goals do not agree with themselves, and given the fragility of the living situations of millions of people in the US right now, are incredibly dangerous to the very existence of a huge number of our fellow human beings.
I don't know whether she is familiar with the term "collateral damage" or not, and she certainly seems unlikely to personally experience any lessons about it right up close, so perhaps someone should write an "open letter" to her explaining the topic in the most civil and considerate language possible...

-Doug in Oakland

portlandmaxtrains said...

Another great show. Something you said made me go, "Oh my God, I know what it is, they are trying to Shock Doctrine us!"