Friday, February 10, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #375

"To the wicked, everything serves as pretext."  
-- Voltaire, writer



Androecian said...

Cobs in the air like you don't give a shuck! :D

mu said...

Meanwhile, in Bizarro America:

John Hall said...

Hey, thank you, Driftglass and Blue Gal, for using my drawing for the Cornfield Resistance badge.

Dave said...

Somewhere in the podcast, there was a comment that the people with a national microphone just haven't learn the lesson from the right.

Can we just assume they don't want to learn this lesson? That the establish democrats are the gate keeper that prevent progressive ideas and arguments?

Robt said...

Trump and GOP employ diversions and misleading buried treasure maps to all.

From the lost episode of another Corn Field of defiance."

The Bible Bastard;

When your lord God called Justice Scalia back to heaven. God was very aware that the president at the time was Obama. That God knowing this still decided to bring Scalia home understanding president Obama would nominate a replacement to Saint Scalia. It is clear God wanted Obama to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court. With so many Republican politicians espousing their religious views of faith in the Lord. In God’s all knowing wisdom, he knew Judge Merrick Garland would be nominated to replace the seat in the court which Scalia merely borrowed from the justice before him.

Why did the republican party defy the will of God?

SamB said...

What do you make of this?
Spicer's press conferences get more viewers than some soap operas.

Robt said...

Spicer's press conferences get more viewers than some soap operas.

Masochism, Dittoheads needing filled with much, absence of a few homosapien DNA linking to humans, insatiable hunger of opposition research and the misinterpreted conclusion that the amount of broadcast time and how many networks televise does doesn't actually count how many viewers. just estimates of what is likely at a certain time on X amount of media.

There again, there are hordes of people that continue to tune in to the FOX still looking for Megyn kelly and Greta. I mean, how long do they get for vacations?

You think they count every time Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert and the late night crews including the SNL on Spicer is included in the viewed watch rating?

dinthebeast said...

On the reliability of advertising in predicting the future: I saw that high, white wave that Hunter Thompson wrote about break and begin to recede when they started advertising purple bell bottoms on TV.
Capitalism does in some ways reliably mimic evolution, and getting left behind in either has well documented consequences.

-Doug in Oakland

Dick Cox said...

Hey Drifty,
Spot on as usual. But, it may get a LOT worse before it gets better. Interesting study on Authoritarianism here:

Fritz Strand said...

Wow! Tweed coat? I got some serious re-imagining to do.

Robt said...

You think your so prophetic and on point with your selection of the future documentary of how America survives this present day apocalypse.
"The Night of the Comet".

Well done! Recognizing your illustrious liberal arts promotion with the "Gusto" award.

MRjonz54 said...

Alas, as the triumphant tour of the Sunday Circuit by the Right's latest boy genius Stephen Miller indicates, this shit is never going away. They just keep breeding, and the offspring come out increasingly vicious and amoral.

CM said...


Do you follow Chris Arnade's tweets or blog post on medium? If so can you comment on it? He offers what appears to be explanations for Trump's win with out touching on the racial element. Curious to get your take on it.

trgahan said...

Regarding differences between now and 1865...I think the only difference now is there isn't a half a continent still up for grabs.

while fleeing Union pursuit Jefferson Davis admonished the southern oligarchy that hid out and profiteered while misguided idealistic former U.S. Army officers lead poor white meatheads who just wanted to have someone permanently below them to be sure when anyone asked to say it was "about State's Rights, period, full stop."

Before, during and after the war, for every Cornerstone Speech, there were many people like Davis who damn well knew they couldn't openly say what it was all about because, theological justifications of white male privilege and all, the REAL reason was a losing argument by the mid-1800's.

Today, just like then, I think your average "economically anxious working class voter who Democrats abandoned (those last three words always seems to show up)" knows exactly what he voted for and is cheering everything Trump has done up to this point. He also knows he can't be honest about any of it because its A)anti-democratic, B) anti-capitalist, and C) anti-Christian. This is why the Klan needed hoods and Reagan needed dog whistles.

This is why the predominately white and male labor unions largely voted for (and heads are currently meeting with) Trump under vague promises of infrastructure spending (while never acknowledging Obama's infrastructure bill that Republican congress killed) in exchange for looking the other way as Trump's administration openly works on breaking the mostly female, non-white unions.